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  1. Auron would probably say frick it and either whoop cloud harder than xemnas stabbed Riku that one time or leave immediately
  2. He'd probably have like two health bars of just plot armor anyways
  3. I'd take out mickster the king of the rats as fast as I can
  4. Demyx just screams and throws a bucket of water at you, then he throws his sitar if that doesn't kill you
  5. Terra ends up fist fighting you while you use a keyblade He has twenty health bars Only fists
  6. Id rather have hair, I just don't really care what length lmao
  7. Man people freak out when I grow my hair out lmao
  8. I didn't know this that's awesome
  9. Saaame But hey, keep your hair long, unless yours gets burned off like mine lol
  10. Nah, I like my hair long, just feels weird having gone back to my old middleschool boy cut But it's nice
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