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  1. or is he a common villain in the scarlet witch comics?
  2. so who is mephisto and why does he keep being brought up as the villain when hes never been mentioned in the show at all? is there like an imdb leak for an actor to play him?
  3. unless wanda lied about not starting it and stuff
  4. yeah agnes is a wildcard since shes aware of her powers and all that and wanda isnt afraid to use them around her
  5. i mean with vision confronting her, she says "i dont control everyone getting to their dentist appointment or washing their laundry, etc." but i would guess she is in a way if shes in all of their minds and to keep that up for weeks or however long its been, like 9 days or whatever would take a mental toll
  6. idk i guess we'll see next week hopefully
  7. i think the recast thing was just a joke, i think it really is Pietro from the Xmen universe itd be their first dip into the multiverse since its gonna happen in Dr strange 2 with Wanda as a main character in it its them dipping their foot in the water in that area and teasing whats to come
  8. i mean they had to cgi a photo, not use makeup
  9. so the tv show version of him with that OG was basically just another earth oh you meant barrys dad, not when he shows up again as the flash from another earth
  10. but that show DID use it as other worlds/universes/earths
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