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  1. The new illustrated Roxas, I think. Doesn't matter as long as it deals any damage at all. Bonus points if it doesn't decrease the enemy count
  2. Her bounce from walking to running (as well as her faster running speed as a whole) feels a lot clunkier for me than Sora's does in KH3. At first, I thought it was a frame rate issue, but I've realised it isn't Tis a shame, cos it's the only real thing stopping me from loving 0.2
  3. If they fixed Aqua's weird running speed, I might just cry.
  4. Might just be a very small department of employees. Pretty cool though
  5. How to win. Rack up your defence and equip at least one medal that reduces enemy strength. You're welcome
  6. Yet they weren't in Wreck It Ralph 2. Disgusting
  7. Ah, apologies, my mistake. From now on, every time I type something, I'll tag you so you see it, thereby validating the reality that it happened
  8. I've also wanked off KH3's post-game countless times
  9. I defend DDD a whole lot, but people either don't like or ignore that
  10. Just had an Agrabah run that lasted almost 1000 enemies, restarted it, died at 4 enemies in
  11. 3 afternoons for me Was very proud to not have googled him or level grinded at any point
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