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  1. Lingering Will’s DM is significantly kinder than Yozora’s though
  2. I don’t even think he’s the hardest It only took me approximately 3 full afternoons to slay him
  3. It always comes back to me hating UX I’m not gonna act like I’m well versed in UX lore
  4. Kinda makes the Keyblade Graveyard aesthetic less impactful
  5. Is the Keyblades being fake Keyblades a good lore change?
  6. Union X is what damaged the Keyblade lore the most in my eyes Because now there really is nothing impressive about them
  7. At least Lea worked to get a Keyblade. He didn’t work very hard, but he did work for it
  8. The reason Kairi can even wield one is utterly comical
  9. Now being a Keyblade wielder is the least impressive thing in the universe I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and the more I do, the more I feel Kairi should have gotten her own unique weapon. Wielding a Keyblade adds nothing good for her or the series as a whole.
  10. But Keyblade lore has been endlessly filled with constipation results as the series has gone on It’s one of the most blatant, if not the most blatant cases of lore change
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