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  1. The only arguing is the one deciding how I'm emoting
  2. And I wasn't being disrespectful, I was having a joke. Please be respectful to my ability to make goofs that have zero insults or demeaning remarks accompanying them. Thank you.
  3. Congratulations, make sure to include this in line 1 of your Tinder description and watch the hordes of people of all genders trample over one another, just to inhale a fraction of your breath
  4. KH3 did the bad and did things that weren’t good, oh bad it was, bad bad, very unkino oh so baddy bad
  5. Yes you did, it says right there As the cultured know, ‘some’ is Swahili for ‘an excessive amount equivalent to a college essay’
  6. You want me to type up a video game essay at 1 am
  7. Well quite clearly they aren’t quite based enough
  8. Rule 12 should be adjusted to read, “Elaboration is not needed if you’ve already clarified your opinion on the subject matter 76 trillion times”
  9. Everglow's timeline is for the diehard fans Ya think casual players are binging UX? If the story were still worth payin attention to, that is let's not act like that's a hot take Fans who only care about when the story was good are the real fans Y'all are the fakers 3D's story is pretty good, but makes some iffy decisions UX firetrucked a lot up 3 firetrucked the rest
  10. Doing Days first removes all of the mystery of KH2’s prologue and most of the game as a whole, while Days relies on you knowing the tragedy that is coming. How is this debate even being had? Knowing what happens isn’t a good reason to experience something out of order, it’s like saying you should read the list of every character that dies in the final Harry Potter book before you read Philosopher’s Stone Yes I was primarily replying to the question of playing them as a newcomer generally and I haven't been keeping up with said article series, but I'm under the slight assumption it's intended to be read by newcomers to the series as well. If it isn't, go wild, though my opinion on how anyone should write something isn't worth listening to in the first place. I think you could also tackle KH2 first and summarise it in a manner that compliments the mystery aspect. If you wrote it after Days, I think the prologue would become less interesting to write up, because the clues and details of Roxas' life glitching around him have a more obvious answer. But that's all down to them
  11. KH2 100 Acre Wood is the most wholesome, heartwarming shit
  12. Thought the sewers were okay Perhaps not quite on the level of the entire mansion, sunset hill and station heights…. Calm down me, it’s been 3 years
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