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  1. Was with you up till the last couple of messages
  2. Yeah, titling it as 'evil' felt highly inaccurate to me as well. More sorrowful than anything
  3. This has probably been posted before, but it's still real real good
  4. I wish Kairi was Sora’s mother Then I’d finally harbour motivation to ship them
  5. The constant optimism and disappointment people have over Kairi’s writing could be its very own cycle
  6. I’ve.... had... the time of my life No, I’ve never felt this way before Yes, I swear It’s true And I owe it all to you
  7. If you would like to simulate fighting against the UX bosses, just get a tissue and lightly poke a hole in it and pretend it's dead
  8. https://tenor.com/view/dance-happy-pig-gif-14618910
  9. I love the idea of someone replying with, "Sora, Donald & Ariel"
  10. Rewatched Iron Man 3. Thought the movie was underrated back then, still think it is now
  11. I wouldn't even say Yozora's the hardest boss to pro code, considering all of his attacks are ultimately quite simple and most of them colour coded Master Xehanort and Dark Riku were probably more aggravating for me. Though that's also because they're less fun
  12. Turn one pro code on. Then after you win, turn on another. And another. And so on
  13. Beating LW without either of those is entirely doable God damn difficult, but doable
  14. Highlights the shittiness of the boss really
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