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  1. https://comicbook.com/movies/amp/news/eternals-trailer-marvel-fans-why-eternals-didnt-help-the-avengers-fight-thanos/ Have people seen this article? I think it’s very fitting for the new Eternal trailer,
  2. I watched bad batch and it was a great first episode!!
  3. Before people say “hey it was SO obvious” I didn’t read the comics okay?
  4. Like I mean isn’t that kinda the point? Anyways mid credit scene!!
  5. So can I ask? Are people hear not very big fans of Falcon and Winter soldier? As it appears it’s mostly just news on other Disney.+ news recently
  6. Ok so who thinks Zemo will probably pull a betrayal out of his ass before the series ends? As we are at the halfway point. Also love the new Sharon! And the fact everyone talks about Steve so much!! Lots of continuity from the Civil war movie.
  7. lol so this takes place about 2 months before Far Away from Home *which appears to have 'settled' after the Blip.
  8. SPOILERS for first episode!! not that i didn't enjoy Homecoming its just didn't mesh as well as WandaVision or Falcon for Post Endgame content for me.
  9. Woah!! Just a couple days till first periods of Falcon and Winter Soldier!!
  10. Teehe I haven’t read any fo comics so I basil oh have a blank state on what I think will happen next.
  11. A great finale in my opinion. It’s really interesting these episode format for the new Disney shows.
  12. Anyways besides me and Hunt finished the finale yet? I gotta say I love the titles for the episodes.
  13. I am pretty confused about agents of shield. I don’t think it stayed with the marvel canon past the end of season 5 (especially since the snap apparently did not happen)
  14. I loved young Cassie in the Ant-man movies:)
  15. And Agatha confirms that the mind stone is not the source of Wanda powers. It only enhanced them and created new ones for her. (She already manipulated the missle to not explode as a child before she got into contact with the mind stone) Now I am thinking the last episode will white vision vs Wanda vs Agatha and it will end with some kind of portal which will lead into the doctor strange movie.
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