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  1. Yep he actually helped me last year get a lot of the cutscene soundtracks, but he cant get these last ones because there pre-render scenes and the sound effects are to tied to the music which that doesn't bother me at least we would all have the songs, i found the epilogue and secret ending soundtracks on youtube last year but the people who upload them never reply when i ask them can they get these last few, so its been a pain trying to someone who can do it.
  2. What's up everyone right now I'm in the works on trying to make a complete soundtrack for kingdom hearts 3, I've gone through the whole game plus the dlc listing to every song and after 80+ hours I'm almost done but there are songs that haven't been posted on the internet as of now, I've compiled 194/207 songs, the ones that are missing are purely cut scene / per-rendered related so if you could somehow find the music or audio file and upload them that would be amazing, here is the list of all the missing tracks and some of these are just place holder names not the official ones, thank you and have a nice day. Missing Tracks 43. Commercial Break (Toy Box) The Commercial with Yozora. 57. A World Outside Her Window (Kingdom Of Corona) Intro of Kingdom Of Corona with Repunzel looking out her window. 60. Hesitation (Kingdom Of Corona) When Mother Gothel discovers Repunzel is Missing. 72. Repunzel Remembers (Kingdom Of Corona) When Repunzel regains her memory. 74. One Power Fades (Kingdom Of Corona) When Flynn sacrifices himself to save Repunzel. 110. Elsa Pushes Help Away (Arendelle) When Elsa freezes Annas heart. 112. True Love (Arendelle) When Elsa unfreezes everything. 122. An Arrangement (The Caribbean) Jack and Cutler Beckett deal. 129. Time For Your Hearties (The Caribbean) The entire final scene of The Caribbean. 0_o 147. Castle Oblivion Is Unlocked (Land Of Departure) When Aqua Restores Castle Oblivion. 205. I've Been Having These Weird Thoughts Lately (KH3 Secret Episode: Bad Ending) 206. Like, Is Any Of This For Real Or Not? (KH3 Secret Episode: Good Ending)
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