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  1. Fair enough When is there thing starting again? their*
  2. I really hope there's gonna be news for 16, as well as MoM and BD 2 news for the TGS
  3. So, where exactly do you think Namine lives now, after she got restored?
  4. So uh is it safe to talk about KH3 spoilers here now?
  5. I said this on Ultima, but who would you rather have as the composer for 16? Yoko or Nobuo?
  6. Broke: Going to bed at a decent hour. Woke: Staying up until 2 in the morning reliving your childhood
  7. Wait The kid's name is Joshua There's a guy in TWEWY that's also named Joshua Coincidence? I think not
  8. And that's why I'm gatekeepeing Bravely Default, > ITS CALLED FINAL FANTASY @-Kye- So has the plot been revealed yet or is it just this
  9. Me personally, it'll give me an excuse to draw the new guy with Noct, Sora, Cloud, and Tiz. Uwu
  10. Public: Is Verum Rex based off of Versus 13? Nomura:
  11. Maybe this could be like a direct sequel? Unless that's what Verum Rex is
  12. It's gay or european all over again
  13. Noctis: Who are you? FF16 Protag: I'm you but British
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