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  1. I had trouble on FM beginner -_- Its the Chernabogs Flame spam, and Final Ansem's Laser spam that always got me But I got an achievement that I beat KH1 Final Mix I have no desire or no force on earth that will make me play KH1 ever again I'll stick to 2 and up Will say, DDD Chernabog battle Most pleasing and sastifying revenge
  2. You know, I don't know what it was this time But I had easier time with Chernabog and Final Ansem On KH1
  3. Does anyone remember Atlantis movie? Missed chances to have it in any of the KH games Rourke is perfect to be a heartless like Clateon
  4. Be happy we havent fired off any Keyblade guns
  5. Okay this might a bit off topic but I have to get it off my Chest: Slash you know your PFP looks like Sora with his mouth taped shut right?
  6. Sorry had a history with people calling me dumb for having my own opinion I can get a little Defensive
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