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  1. 3ds is not only really hard to find but also kinda clunky to play, ps4 is definitely the best version
  2. Funny enough my newest one didn't have an office license until now, it expires after i finish college but that's still something
  3. Still very used to open office, but i wanna give word a shot after not using it for since my older pc broke
  4. I'm good thx In the end i managed to make office 365 for school work
  5. Finally bought my 2nd switch game as ACNH, it's pretty good
  6. Apparently it's free this time, so at least they learned something from that mulan incident
  7. Huh, yours too? Then happy birthday 🥳
  8. I dunno if someone said this before, but today's Nomura's birthday
  9. I also made a couple of ocs just to make it a little more interesting
  10. Characters are almost ready, plot is fully ready, now all i need to do is study how a book's story is structured
  11. Anyways i started planning a plot for a kh fanfic i started back in February, now I'm getting close enough to start writing
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