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  1. I agree, free speech is important, but things like fearmongering, conspiracies and misinformation are a big problem
  2. Alright i just watched soul Yeah, it definitely has a soul
  3. I have a crazier idea A kh game on pc (outside of X lel)
  4. No idea if it's better of worse than that time an old friend of mine said "kingdom earths"
  5. If 2020 taught me something is that i need to control my use of social media
  6. I tried CoM on both ps4 and vba and i totally agree, imo that game adapted horribly on home consoles But the music is phenomenal lel
  7. Ye I like short hair, but long hair is a whole other level of beauty for me
  8. I know, i only did it after i heat the game on normal first, on kh3 it wasn't that hard at least until i ran into remind
  9. Dw i had my brother explain that to me, he followed the series long before i did lel
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