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  1. I'll give it a look when i finished my daily things, thx
  2. Then it's all set I have a school email, then i guess i have even the minimum requirements
  3. Dunno how to apply that lol, also at this time i dunno how long it'll last
  4. Maybe you can send it on a zip file, i have no problem in organizing my programs
  5. I would love to use Microsoft office, but that would force me to buy 365, maybe ill get an old 2007 version
  6. I miss when i had office on my computer, but OpenOffice is fine for work
  7. Anyways I'm back into kh3, might do some preparation for data battles later
  8. Anyways, i need to go wash the dishes, so see ya later folks
  9. My tip is always start from the alphabet, and then the verbs, it always helps a lot
  10. But i studied latin so i understand
  11. Imo there is no language as simple as English
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