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  1. https://tenor.com/view/shark-tale-gif-10636989
  2. > Terraqua is the most popular terra x aqua ship Thanks captain obvious I never would've gotten it otherwise I may not be Nomura's alt acc but my vision of kh is that friendship is more valuable than romance, but that doesn't mean romancing can't be a thing (coming from a Sokai fan)
  3. Anyways, found disney infinity 3.0 on steam sales and decided to download it It did, kinda Online is ripperoni but the game is still 100% playable Gold edition also has all the figures built in
  4. "Star Cars can't hurt you, they're not real" Star Cars:
  5. I only heard about it thanks to avgn
  6. TBF it already was canon in toy story 2 with the buzz snes videogame I need to check if that game is actually real on snes, i know it's on pc but my new pc has no dvd slot Damn it's only on 5th-gen consoles, what a missed opportunity since there was a legit snes in the movie
  7. Anything is possible I personally wouldn't mind until he takes the rm*es
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