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  1. Idk how they'll handle the whole 2nd screen thing (unless they make it a wii u game or something) but once i get a good pc I'll try a good ds emu
  2. And then there's me who's now absolutely flexing even against smol enemies
  3. Already heard May he kek in heaven
  4. I tried limit cut in critical and got absolutely murdered
  5. Ah i forgot to mention that i started kh3 once again, not on critical this time lol
  6. Mods make me think the opposite lol
  7. Its been a while since i was last hyped for a Disney film lol
  8. Man i wish i had a mega drive
  9. Finally finished p5r, that was amazing
  10. The only time not being able to run kh benefits me emotionally
  11. I'd adore to see a new f zero but i agree that gx is really hard to top
  12. Dayum I just went by release order (except when i watched 358/2 in the middle of kh2 and skipped 2.8)
  13. Thankully it was undone via both re-fusion and skill cards
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