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  1. I hope 2021 is when we get the vaccine
  2. I'm not obsessed I'm just admired by his work The game or the website?@Harveywallbanger
  3. I mean I can contact Bret on Facebook or Instagram
  4. So the Haley Joel Osment Server is a fake and so is Bret Iwan's Tiktok
  5. @Epheymer you said you met Haley at the LGBT server?
  6. I'm just kidding I know it's made up But Haley Joel Osment's discord it's real right?
  7. Wait so you're telling me that it's all made up
  8. I just wanted to know Bret's tiktok account
  9. But I don't have that kind of money to donate But seriously though what's Bret's tiktok? I can't find it anywhere I mean if Haley has a Discord shouldn't Bret have one too?
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