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  1. gratz, really strong medal
  2. Gaming Chat

    just put yours next to the screen imagine being paid to write this... however i can see it being heavier with the haptic thing
  3. Gaming Chat

    comparing with mine, looks almost identical, just bigger around the triggers
  4. Gaming Chat

    biggest reason to change from blue is to differentiate both generations
  5. Gaming Chat

    how about red for spiderman
  6. Gaming Chat

    it's a runner like temple run
  7. playing manually allows you to clear higher level content, auto mode is for content you don't need your brain heavily grinding to auto everything isn't the intended way to play but it seems to be what most of the core playerbase think
  8. it's just the only moment in this game where it tells you you accomplished something outside of pulling cards and missions might have also been some kind of anti-idling thing but not sure
  9. It's one of the only "celebration" in the game
  10. also, whole new cards that completly invalidate all the jewels/tickets you spent
  11. can't wait for when they release some content that just instantly level up everyone and people who grinded like crazy get mad
  12. do you have some speed copy medals ? like Rage Form Sora or Axel ?
  13. Gaming Chat

    maybe we can see some gameplay at xbox event, curious about what they are actually doing with this game
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