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  1. Probably either the incredibles or emperors new groove
  2. Biggest thing I want to see is Lightning in any shape or form
  3. Probably doesn’t need to be said but I ain’t expecting much in terms for Kingdom Hearts at the state of play today
  4. I remember getting DDD for my birthday when I was 12 I wanted it cause we got the play the 3 musketeers world (one of my favorites btw)
  5. I’m not counting MoM, she got snubbed
  6. They tend to say something along the lines of it goes against his character as an “ordinary boy” or something
  7. Ngl I find the possibility of MoM being a twisted Sora WAY more interesting that someone like Deymx. Though I’d prefer if he were an entirely new character
  8. I still need the KH3 Sora Nendoroid and I also what to get my hands on Aqua And Roxas And Ventus whenever he gets one
  9. I still need to get my hands on the KH3 Sora Nendorid, I have 1 and 2 but my collection is incomplete
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