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  1. I’m still not completely sold yet, but unlike 3 KH4 is probably gonna need to earn my excitement
  2. Nah we’ll just stand around exposing bullshit that’ll show em
  3. Yeah the story did not stick the landing Rushed is definitely a good way to describe it hand waving away all the important payoffs pro have been waiting years for and instead bait future stuff lead to an unsatisfying defat of Xeahnort and ending
  4. 3 was flash and once the remind move set was added really fun to play but that game gave you way to many options and all of them weren’t balanced properly
  5. We meme on Maleficant but watch how she and Pete will be the last villains standing
  6. I absolutely prefer the main game combat over the command deck Especially since the balancing on some particular commands isn’t very good cough* Balloon spells, surge commands *cough
  7. What is this weird Scala military force thing gonna be with Sigurd
  8. A new trio is born (featuring Ann Takamaki from Persona 5)
  9. Sora was at his strongest character wise in ReCoM I think
  10. Man if I got the chance to meet Nomura I’d nerd out of his artwork
  11. Thank you, Sora was a very big inspiration for him In my head canon he’s Sora’s apprentice
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