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  1. https://thedisinsider.com/2021/02/22/exclusive-big-hero-6-characters-coming-to-the-mcu/ So... we did indeed have MCU on Kingdom Hearts if this indeed happens lol Not posting KH discussion as 1. Not official yet 2. Not related directly to KH
  2. By the way guys, I didnt hate the game, my only issue is the price but thats not SE fault, its Brazil’s taxes, I enjoyed playing it a lot, especially when getting those full chains first try
  3. I may be that guy but, I dont think the game is worth the price, at least for me, for other people they can think its fair. My issue is that I live in Brazil, where games cost a liver, and, I dont play Multiplayer as I dont pay for PS Plus and I am bad at it so... lol Wish the game was less pricey. But that ending was pretty hype
  4. Lea: I think I’ll call it, Bond of the Blaze Sora: Very original, Lea (Reminds me of Bond of Flame name from KH2 😂)
  5. After 1000th tries I did it, yes, the bouncing things plus the jumping ones... man, at the end became button mashing rather than rhythm...
  6. No its the bouncing ones too, I just once again did all blue arrows one and got 86% This is so annoying... If you miss one gotta start all over again and there is a horde/mass of those at the end, its painful
  7. Hey guys, quick question as this is driving me insane. When the objective says “all jumping enemies” does it mean only the blue arrows or the literal bouncing enemies? (Never Land ( 358/2 Days ) ) Cause this objective has to be on proud and I am terrible at it
  8. I got to level 350 on both my accounts so I managed to snag a few SN++, but no Terra yet as both of mine are weak on the strength side the ones I have the most are magic lol
  9. guys, is level 50 the max level still? cuse I am getting close to it, I was just wondering
  10. I just opened my game and all of sudden I had been kicked out of a party... even tho I never did anything for that to be something they would do... feels bad man and I got kicked during days which I have been most active in the game funny enough lol how have your guys pull been so far? I see a amazing one just above
  11. 40k Jewels? NIIIICE also crafting acessories, thats something I would not expect lol
  12. gold shrooms is easy with the regula keys, pulling cards is easy for the daily draws... not bad board
  13. those 900k will help a lot, I am already on level 40 cause of premium keys lol I remember the time when this seemed impossible and grindy
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