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  1. only 4? I thought it would give more tbh, considering the shop is on the 100s
  2. I just got potion on a draw lol and continuing the trend of pulling a new card every 10 pulls, last nigth I pulled a ars arcanum riku on my second account
  3. I haveput to grind in the morning and right now I am at 1300+ killed tho thats my first account which I dont have much faith in, didnt have good pulls lol
  4. huge watermelon is in the event tab they will release a separate rank for only huge watermelon later this month
  5. the mickey card becomes kinda useable in the end, +10 is 24 power but most of the good magic cards are already like.. base 20 lol
  6. If you check the news, July 16 will add a event where only huge watermelon shows up
  7. I’ll just put on eternal grinding on them and reserve last few days of event to take down the big one, I may have a decent level by then
  8. Its level 15 but like, even on level 17 you can finish in 3 hits depending on cards you have, but its not hard to take down
  9. This rank 4 is constant 45 per enemy so since there are no chances of lower, right now rank 4 is better Cause Rank 2 has chances of per example shadows, which gives 16 I think Rank 4 is 45 per enemy I doubt it is gonna stay, its event only so when watermelon is gone, at least these will be gone
  10. Now I hope next store update will have a bunch more magic on Jewels and free pull, thats another complain, Xehanort has higher stat on magic but there is barely any magic card and there are some exclusive to tickets which are rare It would make grinding easier And another complain, maybe if they want to keep the auto, make it like union x and have a speed up in battle
  11. Yes its only the small watermelon I got to 250 killed in less than a hour last night before I went to sleep
  12. I mean, it doesnt change how the game is still grindy af and just a idle mode but for this event only at least they changed hearing the public so hey, if they heard now, maybe they will listen to other complains
  13. Also the event one has 5 now instead if 10 cause you would pick that one for the big one, you get to it faster
  14. Agrabah 4 stars just got released As if anyone can face it lol Wait.... its the watermelons SE heard us, no need to redo the watermelon event over and over, just go to agrabah 4 stars And it might be a good grinding spot as its only the watermelons and each one gives 45 BP
  15. I did restart, literally only one not working, all other buttons on store are
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