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  1. I got to level 350 on both my accounts so I managed to snag a few SN++, but no Terra yet as both of mine are weak on the strength side the ones I have the most are magic lol
  2. guys, is level 50 the max level still? cuse I am getting close to it, I was just wondering
  3. I just opened my game and all of sudden I had been kicked out of a party... even tho I never did anything for that to be something they would do... feels bad man and I got kicked during days which I have been most active in the game funny enough lol how have your guys pull been so far? I see a amazing one just above
  4. 40k Jewels? NIIIICE also crafting acessories, thats something I would not expect lol
  5. gold shrooms is easy with the regula keys, pulling cards is easy for the daily draws... not bad board
  6. those 900k will help a lot, I am already on level 40 cause of premium keys lol I remember the time when this seemed impossible and grindy
  7. of unchained? I know it may not be the chat but it is for my jewels as maybe DR will have a special event
  8. Wait only ticket draw? I didnt even see that, well, oof
  9. I just had for the first time a full 10 pulls of only SPs lol
  10. Very nice... just got a golden key with only shadows and got 20 BP very nice rng, game
  11. is it just me or did they increase the speed the cards are picked on auto?
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