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  1. I just googled and Chirithys vo is Lara Jill Miller. Who is in a lot of kids cartoons such as, The loud house, Digimon, doc micstuffins(thanks Wikipedia for letting me copy and paste)
  2. I’m on mission 22something I’m still wishing proud mode was quicker
  3. I’m praying to god that the next keyblade is divine rose > I imagine you're not up to WiR's world yet. @Inçendyne wat Oh Ralph
  4. I’m trying to. But I need more keyblades Also. The one by one missions on proud mode sucks
  5. Is it bad that I’m doing new game+ on proud and Ultima is at lv1
  6. Yee. Along w Kairi and Naminé. Kairi because raised on island. Naminé because in Kairis heart
  7. > nice star wars box on the bottom left @OrpheusJoshua that’s my dads man cave
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