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  1. Noleen that's what happened to me lmao. I keep DR going when I'm not actively on my phone (And when I need to do some melon grinding to be on track) but otherwise KHUX just has a billion times more atm. I hope that changes someday but they have a long dark road ahead.
  2. Buff physical >:c Xehanort is a young man he should be jacked after all this keyblade swinging
  3. Thanks devs. Oh okay it doesn't actively avoid them either unlike potions. Might just be some dumb code that takes the power into account.
  4. Can confirm that auto doesn't prioritize tinker bell like it does minnie
  5. I wish I could just have them both running simultaneously.
  6. Apprenticenort should be darker. I hope we see some truly messed up stuff that just drives him over the edge. Although I guess they've already kind of hinted at that from what led him to go on his journey with the gravestones and what not. Leave it to SE to reveal the entire plot of the game in episode 1 lul
  7. That isn't the case for every card. I know for the new replica riku card they're putting out it goes from like 20 to 80 at +10
  8. Oh god if minnie didn't get top priority I just wouldn't play the game. Like the manual mode is fun-ish for a difficult fight. But for grinding? Screeeeew that lol
  9. The fact it doesn't auto esuna when you're poisoned Makes me so irritated with rank 2 wonderland
  10. Ooh. Once again feeling decent for having android lol
  11. Google, is there a difference?
  12. Yeah that is a bit lame instead of just a normal subscription monthly Essentially a AAA game every month lul
  13. Yeah I got it for dark road and it carried over. It was only 15 bucks so I was like meh why not.
  14. Does Darkside scale okay when it gets close to 10?
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