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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. I’m helping a friend with characters on Dreams and we want a good depiction of these characters unmasked or unhooded and MoM’s Keyblade. Another cool thing to see would be a depiction of how Daybreak Town turns into Scala ad Caelum or an entire world with Daybreak Town and Disney worlds connected on one land mass
  2. I want to watch Female KH YouTubers play and react to KH content. Age 18+ I’ve seen SarahKey, awesomeinmyworld, Butterbuns, and Suzy Lu. She’s a fake KH fan lol
  3. Dreams PS4. Has anyone created any new Kingdom Hearts games in Dreams or has any in development? I’ve played Kingdom Hearts Dive into Dreams, KH1 Final Remix, Judgement of the sky, Sacred Whispers, and I know about Re:X remake being made in Dreams
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