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  1. I didn't like the 3D Ocean Between in KH3, not saying it was bad, the fights were fun and such. and I 2nd the wardrobe, need a catboy Sora lol
  2. @Limen is so downbad for ML 😂
  3. Don't want a repeat of the 0.2 opening? 😂
  4. am i going crazy- is it tiny on a table or firetrucking life size???
  5. Is Re-Coded really necessary to a newcomer? All I remember is that it mainly tells you that Maleficent is after a book, and Data can have hearts and shit
  6. That one looks great in detail
  7. Technically- no? He time travelled to BBS
  8. A reply to this ^ and "He bounces back between being one of the 13/an Ancient Darkness and Ventus’s own." I personally believe he is both. In subtitles when he referenced to himself in KH3 as darkness, the D was always capitalized, referencing a name or person, not just the general darkness. He showed up to shit talk the Guardians with the Norts, probably showing that Xehanort knows Vanitas means shit. As for BBS references, I can't remember any atm. And then we have Dark Inferno X, either being a form/connection to Vanitas, I believe Vanitas pulled a Sora and jumped to Ventus and was talking to Sora as his pure 13 Darkness self. This is just me just small brain theory-vomiting.
  9. Treasure Planet is so good ;u;
  10. We'd be blessed to have a KH manga drawn by Nomura
  11. No release dates, just copium for release of this year
  12. Right hand upside down and turn
  13. Has anyone heard anything about the concerts? c:
  14. Nope, everything other than Back Cover is fandubbed other than one scene. I can't remember which scene in particular though
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