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  1. We have long haired Riku at home Long haired Riku at home:
  2. I think I remember hearing that the FF crews translations are a bit wrong in KH2
  3. Ansem SoD was a father figure to Riku himself in a way
  4. I thought you would've known which one I meant Halo announcer???
  5. Who's the Luxord lookin guy? Lol Also is the brown haired dude's VA Steve Blum?
  6. A keyblade that's nearly a thousand?? It better unlock any door and cut 😭
  7. They're a little expensive but rightfully so
  8. Don't forget his speech to Xemmas as well
  9. He is in fact, in my opinion, one of the BEST kingdom hearts characters and he's so underrated. He has one of the best character arcs in the series.
  10. Also DiZ was using Riku for revenge at first.
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