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  1. Ahh Regarding that Sigurd is in it, must mean we may see more UX characters And I can NEVER get over that trailer music oml It's just too good It's just too good
  2. I could have sworn I was in a stream where the streamer deciphered that it was Luxu lol
  3. Oh shit thats right, I forgot all about that
  4. No, it was Luxu who was narrating the trailer. We don't know what Sigurd sounds like.
  5. Yeah, iirc, in KH1, the middle pod was still there I might check later
  6. Ooh true Were they all there in that Cutscene?
  7. They may have been apart of the bad experiments So Ansem could have easily banished them/locked it away
  8. Are they even still there? We've never heard any mention or seen anyfootage of them out of KH1 and UX..
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