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  1. True... I wonder if it's like a transformation kinda thing. Where if you did it before, you have it permanantly or something
  2. > @hawk222_1550644792 xion gave roxas enough power to wield 2 keyblades > but sora got that with his kh2 outfit powers @pablo5425 Because at that time Sora basically had 3 hearts in him already. Ventus, Roxas, and Xion.
  3. Nah you just gotta cast thunder on em
  4. Lost Memory is def one of the most dangerous looking keyblades lmao
  5. The orgional kh timeline is deep enough we don't need a story for how if ventus never connected with sora 😂
  6. there's so many "night" relating with Yozora and Shibuya-
  7. I have, I was meaning without the esrb rating and the SE logo 😅
  8. I hate to ask of this but could ya'll do me a favor and send the full MoM boxart with out the logo, I can't seem to find it 🥺👉👈
  9. Is it possible that we'll get a subbed video later on?
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