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  1. KH3 trailers literally spoiled everything that wasn't in the DLC or the very very end.
  2. As much as I love KH, save the Re:MIND and secret bosses, none of the game really felt challenging or tactical. But God, since that is the same guy worked on 7R, I would be so hype if they collabed. That being said, the remind bosses and every boss in 7R were extremely fun. If we can get that level of boss design too, the game would be SO sick.
  3. There's even blood in like every hit effect, it'd be so wack if they got rid of it.
  4. Eh, though I'm not complaining about the current state, especially with next gen out in literally two months, I wouldn't mind an upgrade to XIV to something similar to the level of BDO or some such. The game doesn't utilize GPU to the fullest as most MMOs, so there's definitely some ceiling to push that wouldn't impact framerate too much... Eh, it'll come if it comes.
  5. Yoshi P has been aggressively pushing back about 1) not adding a butt slider and 2) not upgrading the graphics unless he has to for the longest, XIV sure isn't getting a visual upgrade anytime soon if I had to guess.
  6. Soken is really really good Currently on Stormblood and I think it's incredible work. Heavensward spoilers Uematsu and Shimomura are really good, but Soken for sure is the sleeper pick of the franchise. I'd be very excited to hear he's getting an offline FF to go along with the amazing work he does for XIV. To be fair though, SE just has a talent for selecting composers either way. Hamauzu was also incredible.
  7. Yeah, it's a derivation of Luminous. BD2 actually used real Luminous for XV. XIV seems optimized for online.
  8. That's true, as a trailer it looks absolutely incredible for something built so quickly. It took 7R like a good 4 years to make it look as good as it does
  9. Ofc not, as I hope it isn't, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't look as great as other titles is all I'm saying.
  10. According to interviews he's done on XIV, Yoshida isn't super concerned about graphical fidelity.
  11. FFXIV is custom between Crystal Tools and Luminous I think spec wise Idk, doesn't completely look like an Unreal game because the lighting is very flat in the prototype and the default Unreal lighting is a lot more dynamic. But who knows yet?
  12. oh absolutely Phoenix best boi
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