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  1. Yes - I've done all of that plus the treasure spheres in each galaxy, rewards for all of my gummi missions and such and the constellations.
  2. I've been farming for those specific parts for about a week now with no joy so I'm just hoping that someone will have the answers I need ? Y'all are appreciated ☺??
  3. I apologize -- I just joined and I didn't realize that I shouldn't have done that. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 3 and need: Vernier/G (2) Mini-Helm/G (14) Butterfly/G (6) Long Helm/G (13) Aero/G-01 (16) I've been farming blue crystals and asteroids in hopes I'll get those parts in order to release blueprints so that I can adjust all of my ships ?? I sincerely appreciate any and all help ?❤️☺️
  4. Hiya all ? I'm new to this site but definitely not new to the game ? I'm losing my mind trying to figure out where to farm for gummi ship parts in KH3! It's FR driving me batsh#&-bananas lol... PLEASE HELP... ANYBODY? ALSO -- I just finished deleting the other posts! Thanks ya for lmk! ☺??
  5. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your site ☺️??

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