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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the KH13 bot? I heard it went offline.
  2. I heard that some people prefer Hayden over Alyson. Some are criticizing Alyson Stoner’s performance in KH3 and MoM. I heard them say that her performance makes Kairi sound like a girly, emotionless robot.
  3. Y’all can vote who is the best voice actress for Kairi: Hayden Panettiere or Alyson Stoner.
  4. Guys, I created a poll on Twitter regarding Kairi.
  5. c-cupp7

    Fan Art Chat

    I even came up with a symbolism behind it. Two Become One represents Roxas and Bond of Flame represents Roxas' friendship with Axel. Put the two together with Xion, and they both represent her friendship and her bond with Roxas and Axel. Similar to how Roxas' Oathkeeper and Oblivion represents Sora's memories of Kairi and Riku respectively.
  6. c-cupp7

    Fan Art Chat

    Xion artwork by hollowskies7 and requested by me. She really brought my idea to life and I’m very grateful to her. https://twitter.com/hollowskies7/status/1295609858343960576?s=12
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