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  1. You'd have to wait for the offline version cause this game requires you to be connected all the time
  2. The idea of a reaper's game free-for-all sounds awesome Well there's distinct teams, but still
  3. If they killed him we'd get ansem and xemnas to deal with again
  4. Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm is pretty cool
  5. It's currently enemies, bosses, items and abilities right now
  6. Sorry for the late reply but rando works by using cheat files in pcsx2
  7. Rando doesn't do anything to the save data I'm pretty sure
  8. Is it even possible to play the opening again? Just in case
  9. Considering the opening doesn't show kairi using the machine it's probably there so people aren't confused A reminder that this is her dreams still
  10. It's obviously to set up for something years down the line as usual
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