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  1. Most of these are proofs of concepts. What you see is what you get, so I'm pretty sure you would be stuck in radiant garden if it was released as-is Although, sometimes you can find simple model swaps which are more usable
  2. Even if you haven't started the game, I guess you still count as a player
  3. Not everyone plays every game they buy
  4. I recently played through 2fm on crit for the 1st time. I didn't really like that reflect was my only option of defeating the absent silhouettes But that's just my experience
  5. I believe that 3's bosses were more bearable after the new abilities
  6. Where 2fm fixed 2's base game, some people argue that remind did not fix 3's base game
  7. http is not secure
  8. I'm playing through ff9. Figured I might as well play something square enix, since kh is a crossover and all
  9. Nintendo playstation Sony 64?
  10. Nah I uninstalled a long time ago
  11. Everything is there for me except the titles and records I think the avatar stuff is all there
  12. This game looks a little empty
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