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  1. Yes There's a separate banner in the shop for VIPs
  2. I imagine taking a break would confuse you when you come back the next day
  3. Is this the first time they've done VIP non-mixed?
  4. At least he remembered to eat
  5. When you get to lv 999 you get a secret letter from Nomura
  6. I bet it's gonna cost 100,000,000 BP just to get it That's the kind of stuff idle clickers do
  7. The same people who designed a homing ground pound
  8. Very neat The only anniversary medal I'm missing is illustrated aqua Got this from the free daily draw
  9. You really just have to let it do it's thing since you can't control it most of the time
  10. They've already confirmed that there will be no DLC songs, as I stated earlier Also this game was developed at the same time as kh3 so there aren't many songs from it
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