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  1. So is this game taking place in data or reality?
  2. Got me all hyped again, didn't think I could get more hyped, but good job I really hope we see more cutscenes like the Verum Rex "trailer" and possibly even gameplay sequences that feel like that. Ofc the gameplay sections won't be as smooth and crisp since every panel isn't choreographed, but it would still look cool imo I also hope we get a Yozora section of gameplay, wishful thinking, but I bet it would be a blast Even if just like a 20-30 min section
  3. I would kinda like that, a little reprieve before the real action starts Would also be a good chance for the game to establish Strelitzia more for the fans that didn't play the mobile game
  4. Does anyone have(or know where to find) a 2560px1440p lock screen wallpaper for the 20th anniversary drawing? It's like a perfect KH image for a lock screen cause of the symmetrical aspects
  5. Prob gonna be a better form of what we got in San fransokyo Which was just a hub with nothing else besides a mickey emblem 😂
  6. But yeah better balancing is needed after the rides from 3 I meant like rhythm in the flow of combat
  7. And the reaction commands should also have a rhythm to em
  8. Yeah it is kind of pointless lol
  9. Still readable lol I need to go back and rewatch some union stuff With strelitzia being clearly prominent in this game, gonna need that info
  10. Lol, that is gonna trigger some people Because it is a series people have invested a great deal of time in
  11. I just hope they don't make them all necessary as to where if you fail you are screwed
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