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  1. Where can I order the soundtrack for 3? Square Enix store?
  2. I got Yozora down to 1 bar hrrghhhh, got too laid back cause I figured I would win, but don't sleep on Yozora, never sleep on Yozora So far I have found like 5 openings Well actually 6 but one is his dm at the beginning which rarely happens Also does magic stat give ultima weapon more damage or does strength play a factor too? Just because I was wondering if I should forego strength for a lil magic boost
  3. Hey so what is the general consensus for what you should play DDD on, PS4 or 3DS?
  4. @Silent Multiverse I'm sorry you have to deal with that, but hey like you said at least you will be able to get the story info, which is what we all really want anyway lol Plus at least it isn't a significant story game, I'm not expecting more than an hour of cutscenes if even that
  5. @Otti#8624 from a linked article in the twitter comments https://updatecrazy.com/kingdom-hearts-hd-2-8-update-1-05-patch-notes/
  6. Prob just minor changes Maybe adding to it what kh3 had Idk I wouldn't think it would be anything huge tho
  7. Wait what lol Fixed players reported glitches. Added performance and stability improvements. Gameplay improvements added. Added other minor fixes and changes.
  8. But what ever happened to personal achievement The scenes will be better if you get to them yourself, I still haven't seen the end of Yozora fight but I'ma beat him damnit, can't keep letting him freeze me Just I have done the same thing you mentioned before with other games and it does not feel nearly as satisfying or as hype
  9. Oh it could be twewy as well A sequel would be crazy And also make sense given where we were at the end of kh3 Since it is touch controls switch would be the only viable option
  10. @Otti#8624 it means sora for smash Inb4 CoM 2 Re:Shuffle
  11. So how do you get those gold tickets? Is the only free way to complete the entire monthly mission?
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