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  1. I’m still barely dipping my toe in performer bc they’re so hard lol So good freakin job Such an amazing song
  2. I am in love with Sonan’s voice. That is all.😐 Wait, that is not all… HAPPY PRIDE.🌈
  3. Ahh man I need those MoM Mickey’s…
  4. And with the dawn, what comes then? When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again Yeah, that song is my mood right now. Back to my lil pocket dimension of invisibility.
  5. You are lost. Hope is gone. But you must go on & do the next right thing,
  6. But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
  7. I can’t find my direction, i’m all alone
  8. This grief, has a gravity; it pulls me down
  9. It hurts so bad. Hello darkness I’m ready to succumb
  10. Oh my gosh. That ending hit differently with my own character.
  11. It’s finally time!!
  12. I’m so tempted to just embrace the darkness, leave my party on the week that we finally get the global update, & start my own armageddon party just for kicks lmao. Only 2 of us are actually proactive in my current one & i only joined in March so I haven’t exactly bonded like everyone else did… I keep reaching out to everyone but get blanked and/or end up doing like 70-80% of weekly objectives anyway for the grind. I’ve never had the courage to start my own party bc I seem to almost always end up feeling alone/isolated in the gaming community for whatever reasons… At least this way I’d be able to try making a party without fear of flopping, bc
  13. I was already level 530 or something so it wasn’t TOO awful of a grind… But a grind nevertheless
  14. I made it a legit goal on like Monday night I think. So almost a week
  15. I was planning on stopping at 50 also lol
  16. Y’all it finally happened!!
  17. ||The nameless Dandelions when their world fell to darkness out of seemingly nowhere: ||Skuld(?) waking up in Radiant Garden’s dungeon:
  18. ||The nameless Dandelions when their world suddenly fell to darkness:
  19. I’ve encountered yet another bug. My HP has not risen from 5970 since April no matter how many lux passives I’ve gotten. I know HP is almost totally irrelevant in late game, but still. Wtf?
  20. Lemme try that again lmfao. Hopefully someone has some kind of answer
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