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  1. Finally beat proud 979 with this set up
  2. Gtfo, I that meme literally popped in my head. Lmaooo
  3. The screen on their device…y’know?
  4. Oh hehe ok. I do not have a japanese mobile device lol So I’m happy I have a bit longer to grind up starlight
  5. Mine isn’t under maintenance. Are y’all talking about the JP version
  6. I promise it prolly won’t be lol. But remember the good times
  7. Life be like that sometimes OKP lmao
  8. 4.4.0 is only theater mode right? Yeah
  9. Assuming JP will also be theater mode?
  10. Dunno about the JP version, but global is until the 28th or 29th? It’s only theater mode after that
  11. Got me thinking about some stuff Excited for the future.
  12. I’m still barely dipping my toe in performer bc they’re so hard lol So good freakin job Such an amazing song
  13. I am in love with Sonan’s voice. That is all.? Wait, that is not all… HAPPY PRIDE.?
  14. Ahh man I need those MoM Mickey’s…
  15. And with the dawn, what comes then? When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again Yeah, that song is my mood right now. Back to my lil pocket dimension of invisibility.
  16. You are lost. Hope is gone. But you must go on & do the next right thing,
  17. But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
  18. I can’t find my direction, i’m all alone
  19. This grief, has a gravity; it pulls me down
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