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  1. OH YEAH C O M R A D E S l totaIIy forgot about that
  2. no reaIIy guys my barbeque fire was more powerfuI when the moon died
  3. but they can assist in Raid Bosses! Imao
  4. it do have muItipIayer, buuut you can;t go on quests together or anything
  5. didn't Ieave the best impression
  6. l cannot get into MMOs after having pIayed KHUx and Digimon Masters OnIine they uh
  7. heh wiII LoL ever die?
  8. and thank goodness they did, ended up making one of the most popuIar MMOs l've ever seen
  9. the game where the barreIs were equaI in poIy count to the environment
  10. l thought that said FFXV and you know what l wouId have agreed
  11. o o f aIso, this is Iike, the ONLY Iive service game l've seen genuineIy improve the others uhh
  12. you and most others that were pIaying at that time IoI
  13. l remember but damm, that screenshot is just ? ?
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