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  1. Reina

    Memes Chat

    I don't own a key sword
  2. Reina

    Fan Art Chat

    That's pretty cool
  3. Reina

    Fan Art Chat

    That's a really cool looking keyblade
  4. Oh no I'm a sucker for bags and purses. And I really need that keyblade charm set
  5. I actually always used to play chronological until I started replaying them last year and then I realized why people don't like playing chronological Yeah that and it's hard to go from a PS4 game (like 0.2) straight into a PS2 game (kh1)
  6. Reina

    Fan Art Chat

    Wow that looks really good
  7. Reina

    Gaming Chat

    It's my birthday today and since it's Epel's too, I just had to pull for him
  8. Reina

    Gaming Chat

    Got him in 60 pulls. Glad I didn't have to go to pity
  9. It's literally just the 20th anniversary logo on its foot. It's supposed to be a commemorative plushie but $99 is still too much
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