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  1. Right like with the stealth sneak and behemoth variants
  2. That would have been nice too Better yet color swaps of the playable characters would have been cool too
  3. Personally I think they should have implemented the recolor enemies as stronger variants, would have been neat to fight the recolored guard armor unversed in the mirage arena
  4. Uses the same animation as reflect in kh2 but reverse damage animation is different along with the hitboxes
  5. Some attacks not all, but thats probably the reason why they removed it from future titles aside from BBS, it's really strong
  6. Well it seems that way because it matches with how much damage the enemy that is done to you is reflected, and it is heavy damage
  7. Barrier reflect was an interesting counter magic move, I used it alot wouldn't go as far saying it's overpowering
  8. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in a musou sounds pretty bonkers but would be interesting to see and play
  9. Musou style KH sounds fun, a three way collab with square, disney and koei
  10. It's possible, if Square likes to take that approach with its future titles
  11. That's actually likely might be the case
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