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  1. I love MoM but then I love beatmania and djmax, oh I can't choose it's too heartbreaking, I love em all
  2. "So hey Donald, how does Peking Duck special sound😈 " "WAAGH!! Nooo!!!"😱
  3. I feel like despite some UI and HUD changes its going to be a trip down memory lane for me just with the new voice overs, I'm definitely getting this and GBF Relink
  4. Interesting release time frame, this one will release in September while Star Ocean 6 releases in October
  5. Well yeah Persona ofcourse, but yeah really hope they push more, I know they releasing PSO2 for ps4 this August, HotD remake is already out but like yeah...
  6. Well yeah that's good and all but wished they focused more on more IP's than just those two really
  7. Busy with Yakuza and Sonic games?
  8. Well I wouldn't say it's completely one sided more like the variables can go all over the place unpredictably, for example some indie dev titles can have far better quality and content, but in rare cases and few exceptions those indie dev titles can have just as poor quality as mainstream ones, not say all mainstream stuff is a total mess there are some exceptions but most you can easily notice
  9. Interesting dynamic, in a way I can relate I really didn't quite understand Marvel or DC at the time, I really didn't have much exposure to comic books either except from television animated adaptions
  10. Yes, Hollywood as well I feel like the line blurs between heavily overlooked good quality products and ridiculously multi-billion invested not so great ones is just too apparent now a days, it's almost too surreal to be honest
  11. I mean they made a decent Jojo fighting game and DnD games😆
  12. I thought they did well with Oracle of Seasons and Ages too actually
  13. Right, I just think some people point a lot to budget AA title games like this one that they are not graphically up to date like most modern games, but I still sometimes think that should not matter as long the gameplay and it features are on par with most modern AAA titles.
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