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  1. Yeah I think it was on Sargatanas server don't if they do it seasonal or weekly thing
  2. Remember playing FF14 two months ago a player band was playing an orchestral version of Hand in Hand and Kairi's theme pretty amazing stuff
  3. Yeah KH2 had satisfying qte finishers not to say BBS didn't have any but not as much as the prior
  4. Not going to lie, I did always enjoy that slowmotion moment after defeating a boss in first kh
  5. Donald is like the backup heal of sorts while Sora is the main heal/offensive
  6. Enjoyed Deep Jungle as well, but yeah Gummi garage UI in the first one could have touched up better in the HD remaster.
  7. I'm totally not in a rush for new kh announcements right now, that would be a wonderful surprise but less likely to happen right away, maybe later
  8. Time travel, like FF13-2 sense?
  9. I like the original kh 1 and 2 ps2 tracks though for a rhythm game I like to have option to switch between remaster and original, yeah would totally like to hear the gba CoM one too
  10. Well in way yeah, but even stuff thats really popular at that time was still pretty mellowed out compared to how fanbases treat things now
  11. Yeah wish fanbases were more mellowed out like in the early 2000s, especially when it comes to fanart
  12. I almost thought it was two totally different model actors that are being action figures trying to pose as Riku
  13. Is the material the same this time around or different from the one used 3 years ago? It's hard to tell
  14. Are one real and the other fake or are both real but made on different dates?
  15. Haven't played the command board minigame in a while, I think I only unlocked maybe like 3 special commands from 2 boards
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