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  1. Atleast to me it is 😆
  2. That song is iconic "Why should I worry? why should I care?"👍
  3. Hey totally apologize I really didn't mean it to blow it out of proportion😂
  4. Well I apologize if it seemed that way, I truly didn't mean it in bad jest
  5. Don't worry I wasn't picking a fight, just pointing out some people are just very easily pleased now a days.
  6. Is it wrong to question and say it could have been better than what we got though, while others point no how dare you say it's not perfect
  7. Both felt rushed too me, it's just one is very noticeable and people are too easily pleased these days and won't take criticism over something they like🤣
  8. Not a big fan of 2 Remake but Leon's voice wasn't bad
  9. Hey I love him in everything else just not the Jurassic World trilogy, the writing is god awful to me but totally not his fault, heck even Beast starring Idris Elba wasn't perfect but the writing was better than those movies despite it not having dinosaurs🤣
  10. Sure Darkstalkers is somewhat dead but at least it released 3 titles before going 6 feet, Red Earth on the other hand well that one is more dead alongside Cyberbots and Star Gladiator.
  11. Closest thing to that demo was Djmax Respect one, but less painful with the difficulty for the songs
  12. Makes you wonder if they would air KH series on Disney Channel or on Toon Disney back in 2003-2004 granted I know overall it won't be a side by side adaption, but it does make you wonder if it could have possibly gave them the opportunity to do crossovers with worlds from Disney cartoon shows like disney afternoon and the likes🤔
  13. Sora going to other worlds Sliders tv show style... Isn't just stuck with Donald and Goofy anymore and actually recruits characters from other worlds to go with him as actual partymembers to switch with anytime
  14. Aside from Angela Lansbury's passing recently, yeah this one hits pretty hard too
  15. Well I'm not encouraging him more like I really rather have them invested in those alternatives versus what we got. Not that I am trashing on Frontiers but yeah an openworld Sonic game is probably the least on my radar list atm
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