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  1. Has anyone bought that melody clock that was shown here earlier in the channel?
  2. Is there a co-op feature?
  3. Yeah what has been the overall experience with this new Disney game? It seems like it should be on my list of games to get, but I don’t know if I really want it yet.
  4. hey does anyone know who to download kingdom hearts for steam deck? assuming I will be doing it from the epic games store?
  5. This stiif on Inside Out kinda confirms to me that disney just follows money. This movie does not need a sequel.
  6. turning red is ok for recent disney movies. my favorite disney era is the renaissance.
  7. Are there any tips for someone who has only ever played beginner mode for breezing through story?
  8. I swap between fruit punch, mountain berry, and grape for Powerade because those come in the three-pack at the store
  9. i agree with this. ff6 kefka is straight up chilling
  10. do people still hate kh cloud version?
  11. This was a little different back when kh3 was just coming out (upto 3 things max) but past statement is the overall case
  12. This is not at all the case in my state. I usually have to look online for anything, and if a store has a kh related thing, it is probably the only thing in that store
  13. i am guessing you like Aqua. I didn't really like her until 2.8 or her standalone game out. she became a lot more relatable at that point
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