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  1. my first kh action figure ended up being a Sora because i found it on sale on amazon
  2. yes but 10.1% sales tax doesn't help the situation
  3. i could have gotten them 20% off with membership from the store but sales tax is like 10.1% here so i was like screw it i'd rather buy them straight from the good smile website
  4. this made me very tempted to get these when i saw them at a store
  5. if that were the case wouldn't dark riku have to worry about that too
  6. this expresses my frustration with Terra on crit
  7. yep i am not awake, idk how i forgot about that 💀
  8. cuz nomura said so idk lol Nomura just wanted a pattern of some sort igu
  9. correction: all of the members of the original organization XIII have the letter x in them Xenmas Xigbar Zexion Axel
  10. alright someone use this to figure out the possibilities for Demyx's human name
  11. is that a multiplayer mod
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