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  1. literally i want u to just not deny it
  2. instead of talking to other disney fans abt it
  3. sure, let me get the CEO on the phone
  4. not in the slightest i have nothing to change since im not actively upholding homophobia
  5. complacency is what allows the cisnormative hegemony to continuously reproduce itself
  6. so we just sit here complicit and silent abt it?
  7. ok so we just dont talk abt how the company that makes our favorite game is homophobic? we just leave it unsaid bc it makes some ppl uncomfy?
  8. https://feminisminindia.com/2020/09/21/problematic-representation-queer-masculinity-disney-films/ is this not allowed in or what
  9. https://thedisinsider.com/2022/03/10/pixar-employees-accuse-disney-executives-of-homophobic-censorship/
  10. mfw ur wrong so u just say "can we talk abt something else"
  11. tired gaymer is typing was p funny
  12. kingdom hearts is v good and gay
  13. u tell me, "ur right, disney does contribute to homophobia"
  14. oh well if every company contributes to the homophobic system...
  15. u say that it is a business simply seeking to maximize profits, but when it does so at the expense of the gays, thats what makes it homophobic
  16. as u can see, this is not simply "ppl on twitter being ppl on twitter"
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