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  1. Thunder is always the top magic Unless it's a boss or 1v1 Then fire
  2. R u saying no one has these There was one with riku in a santa hat too I wish i could find these makes me sad
  3. Pretty sure kh13 made them I have one of them that i kept on as my avi on youtube
  4. Does anyone have the christmas themed KH avatar pack from years and years ago?
  5. i still havent watched the important story bits from union i know bit and pieces of it because I was playing the game when they were still releasing story but i got really burnt out on having to complete a certain amount of worlds just to get to the cutscenes that actually mattered
  6. phase 1 started slow and branched out
  7. my point is 3 closed out a chapter on the story this new chapter started up with too many cogs in the machine top that on the fact they keep delivering very important story parts through spin-off titles like the phone game and MOM
  8. there is so many moving parts in the story rn
  9. no conviction we need a break from all the convoluted writing this is a new story arc and is already starting messy af
  10. she pauses and thinks about it as if she isnt from there and it isnt the first place she would think of in that cutscene everyone there seems extremely clueless the dialogue deliverance doesnt help
  11. no you should re-watch it because she doesnt actually tell them the name of her world
  12. so Riku is in Quad now because the nameless star didnt act like she was from Quadratum
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