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  1. 😂 As well as the “Hey give me your hands, I’m going to show you my pain and trauma that was mostly your fault.😃”
  2. For real, I felt like the only time we ever had seen Roxas and Sora have a full on conversation was in KH Coded, and the wasn’t even the actual version of them they were made of data😅 oh than again we got that little conversation between them in DDD.
  3. It’s so great To see Roxas and Soras relationship immediately changed! In Kh358 and Kh2 Roxas really hated being compared to Sora.😅
  4. Exactly! I’m sure we’ll get them in a few scenes, they just won’t have a big impact in the story. As for Ven, yeah I’m sure he will be in the Kh4 story a more than Roxas, I mean why wouldn’t he? We learned that it was Vens darkside that killed Strelitzia in the first place, not to mention Strelitzia being in the game could also mean Marluxia/Lauriam and Larxene/Elrena since Lauriam is the sister of Strelitzia and Larxene just tags along.
  5. I mean Nomura is still making artwork of them😭😭 look at our boys, don’t tell me your just going to pretend that they are done in the story.
  6. I still hope that Roxas’s group and Vens group get at least a few scenes in Kh4, I’ll be happy with that. I’m still shocked that they only brought Roxas and the rest back due to the fans wanting it. I mean they could’ve just “brought him back” by putting him in a few scenes that’s fine, but the whole game and story was pretty much about bringing them all back to life, your telling me that decision was made due to the fans?!
  7. Subject X? Isn’t that Skuld? I ask because they described her as a girl with black hair.
  8. True it’s just so hard to part ways with these characters since they’ve all been given their own games😭 I was shocked when they said Roxas and Xion returning in KH3 was a “fan decision” which means they are less likely to show up in Kh4. I mean we learn in KH 3 Remind, that the twilight town gang were studying Roxas and Xions memories, and Ven, Terra, Aqua, are looking in the realm of darkness. It could be possible we may get just a few clips of them again. I mean if they wanted to just stay out of the story from now on they would’ve just never mentioned them again.
  9. Has everyone thought about how the twilight town trio is less likely going to show up in KH4?😞
  10. I just realized something from the KH 2 2.5 remix. In the added scenes of Kh2, Xigbar says to Zexion that he just “found another member for the organization, Mar- something.” As in Marluxia, and as in Lauriam. Was Xigbar the one who recruited Marluxia and Larxene? We know they were part of a group that was sorta made by Ava who was a friend of Xigar/Luxu in the first Keyblade War. We obviously knew that this whole organization was just apart of Xigbars plan in the long run, but why would he recruit old members of Ava’s team? It could because “Oh they were keyblade weilders, we could use that.” Okay but how come they can’t weild them in the organization? Sora was able to pass on the Keyblade to his nobody, so how come they couldn’t. And if Demyx and Luxord are part of some “Ancient keyblade history” than wouldn’t that mean that Xigbar also help recruit those two as well, or actually hint at it maybe? And also how come they can’t weild there keyblades, and how come they don’t remember anything about? Marluxia and Larxene I would understand, then being blast into the real world after escaping the datascape left them unconscious so I would understand there might be a lost of memory for those two, but what about Luxord and Demyx? Could they have meant Luxord was working for a Keyblade weirder? As we see actual self driving Yozora in the car, but then what about Demyx? Sorry there so much I am just realizing at this very moment😂 I don’t think I can wait for KH4
  11. Slane

    Fan Art Chat

    What I recommend is looking up a full scale drawings of keyblades online, print that out, and than trace that onto your board.
  12. All I know is I hope someone tries to 3D model this version of Sora for Blender, I would love to use this Sora!🥺
  13. I know we are less likely going to see Roxas in KH4, but still I am so hyped!
  14. No more Spikey hair Sora😂
  15. Gosh I hope someone makes a 3D model of him to use in Blender!🥺
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