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  1. When you have someone to back it up, you know you aren't lying
  2. Jesus Oh yeah, I did do an invite. My friend here is And I did send two others but they didn't accept
  3. I wish I had my computer fixed The battery alone is $120 It broke 3 years ago 😭
  4. Take the w, really. You deserve that.
  5. Okay. I'm glad I asked just in case. Thanks for helping me at least know.
  6. Trust me, it was going to be based on Kingdom Hearts. I've read the rules very carefully for that and I always know the consequences for doing that.
  7. I find the numbers of spells you can cast with a command to be pretty powerful on harder levels and stuff. It's technically a discussion I had with one of my friends. I mean, I don't really have to post it, I was just mainly curious of if I had priviledge to. It's always safe to ask before doing something that could likely get me in trouble.
  8. It's got the copyright stuff on the bottom of the action menu It's from my Switch so likely a 30 second clip of just using spells And it's spoiler free technically
  9. Can I post a clip of gameplay here from KH3?
  10. The one they're gonna have trouble is possible Neoshadows
  11. So when was fading away, he was dying- Interesting
  12. As my little mistake, They say it's the "afterworld" Doesn't that mean Sora died in the actual world?
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