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  1. 😮 i didnt know it was offical! thats awesome
  2. shes a walking shit post thats how much she shitposts
  3. looks at time its 9:40 pm it checks out
  4. the inner dad in me will not let me stop
  5. i see a place to pun i have to
  6. im shore not sorry for being so finny
  7. https://tenor.com/view/walk-fish-dog-fish-costume-cute-adorable-gif-17546966
  8. puns are beautiful i have a putiful amount and you can be shore i got even more
  9. they will all be stupid untill they grow older to realize that they are still stupid but they accept it im saying this from my own expirence you dont get smarter you get wiser
  10. yusuke is an idoit thou as someone who likes yusuke they are all kinda dumb tbh they are teenagers thou
  11. of course, but it can help us understand someone in that situation to see what could be on the other side
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