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  1. Ohhh you're referring to the whole Versus 13 I thought you were talking about 15's DLCs and that mess
  2. It was supposed to be 3 DLCs but turned into like 9 and then 4 of them got cancelled 💀 💀 💀
  3. what is thaaat 😭 lmaoo im dead It was just supposed to be 3?? jesus 😭
  4. Its a tragedy what happened to 15 in the end I have faith that Nomura will be amazing with any other updates, and kill it with 4 for sure, just my worry about Square in general but, yeah and thats what IM saying, holy hell
  5. The lmaos and shit are unnecessary We're just literally discussing what's going on with Square tbh I dont care too much about the NFT stuff, even tho a lot of people despise it and the profitable outcome for them have long pass (so Im just kinda lookign at the CEO like what... purpose) But I remember watching documentaries about FF15 and the disaster that came out about it (like Snakeskin said, whole thing with Versus), and one of their new years letters even talking about the lost in profits from it If they're having a steady incline in profit, yeah, that loss is a drop in the bucket. But what I'm saying is, hopefully we don't have another 15 on hand with any projects going on, especially with KH
  6. And theyre still far behind in the hole I get it, Squares your precious company
  7. ...Yeahhh they were. The reported losing billions
  8. Last year with how much they lost money, but this has been going on for several years, since 15, but anyways
  9. Theyre doing well, sure, but you have to admit the business practices theyve been having have been questionable. They also lost a ton of money last year.
  10. I knew who you were talking about, dont worry was referring to the fact that Square tends to disappoint fans all around with whats been going on, so I'm not surprised there hasn't been much of an update on patches or mobile content in general lmao
  11. You spit mad facts, friendo it's a damn shame 😒
  12. Trusting them in general is pretty generous to be fair 💀💀💀 Square been slipping up a LOT lately
  13. Mickey missing his Supreme drip there 💀
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