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  1. That I knew, I just had no clue it extended to the east too
  2. This is the first time I've heard of Square in debt I know they weren't doing so well with the recent games but not being bought out
  3. Literally, I mean do you see how happy all the Trios are on the beach playing??? Except for Kairi or course but deadass they just wanted him gone LMAOO He just admitted his defeat at the "game' - its so weird people think he got redeemed
  4. Nobody forgave Xehanort abs I find it weird people were complaining about that They were all just relieved it was over 💀💀💀
  5. Yes Prompto uses guns, and in his DLC he uses a lot
  6. Not wrong, tbh 😭 I immediately thought of Versus when Isaw the KH4 trailer 💀
  7. we're playing with an AI generator and this has me dying
  8. Oh wow, I didn't even notice that tbh It would be super cool if we're actually crafting keyblades as opposed to just getting them in prior games - would make for a fun system and could have a chance to add lore to that too?
  9. If they are, not have them do as much damage, and have the ability to disable them, for sure KH2 is my favorite when it comes to gameplay, wish they took a page out of that more for 3
  10. I agree 😭 Attractions trivialized a lot of fights
  11. Was the secret trailer apart of Vanilla KH2? I always thought it was Final Mix?
  12. 🤔 Im think MoM is Sora Its hard to explain but Im leaning into it
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