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  1. so like…how did ephemer make childrens for his descendants? 👀
  2. im not a fan of the gameplay, so really hoping for a full drop on the cutscenes i just wanna know xeha’s mommy
  3. wait when that day comes, are they gonna drop the whole story or is it in progression?
  4. understandable have a nice day
  5. is that just a pancake reference?
  6. well xehanort was kinda like a genius guy and do tons of research about KH, maybe his solitary time in searching for knowledge got him bald my guess is in KHDR we’ll see him walking around in a lab or library, monologue about his research, and little by little his hair falls and then a time skip untill his fully bald
  7. and what about the darkness in the fortellers? are they still alive after the keyblade war? i mean they did died in the war but revived by luxu?
  8. talking about vanitas…is vanitas the same as darkness that possessed ventus? or just a natural darkness from a human heart? i kinda forgot what xehanort said about ventus’s heart condition when he met him at the keyblade graveyard.
  9. dayumm you really memorise their names. such a pious unversed spawner
  10. hello guys. newbie here. btw, if i dont invite at least one person into this server, am i a heartless? 🐜
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