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  1. ok this is kinda funny thing to see, master roxas having discussions with bacon 🥓
  2. does time works the same for data world and the real world?
  3. it felt weird that MX send Ansem SOD to the past to whisper YX to leave the island. i mean like would xehanort still leave the island anyway, cuz his future did like where does it start first
  4. https://fxtwitter.com/_xfenrir/status/1730341684150424018?s=46&t=Nvq6ulOIScLLDl-pdEFKDg
  5. funny this logo kinda like top view person of bending his top torso, with a huge A**
  6. so i was wrong then thats good i guess, for marketing cuz im so hooked to this game my fear is that its not accessible in my country, just like FF7EC 😭
  7. so many leaks of curscenes and OST. like is it really illegal to post these things??? SE should already hunt these people down??? or did i misunderstood that
  8. April is too long 🫨 but then ff7 rebirth comes before that
  9. damn so jealous of yall!!! have fun keyblade wielders
  10. let start the countdown! im especially curious on the disney worlds in that game or possibly any ff worlds but that seems far fetched
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