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  1. hmm make sense but what about nightmares? are they also dandelions fallen into darkness??
  2. but im confused as to why that traverse town sleeping world still exist. i thought sora unlocks them during his mastery exam.
  3. so as for now, what we now is, all the dandelions are currently in dream eaters form right? they are in the sleeping worlds? but i thought in DDD we had liberated all the sleeping worlds? or are they currently waiting in the sleeping world of daybreak town?
  4. yes the first master of scala
  5. damn keyblade wielders in KH world really are immortal unless, our player has actually reach the level of a keyblade master
  6. the ML player is also the same union cross player right?
  7. yeah things just got a bit complicated when you tryna add new lore into a story bits by bits and end up creating paradoxes along the way but almost anygame that got time travelling is always messed up anyway. unless they use the theory from Marvel endgame, thats a safer way to avoid misunderstanding
  8. oh wait i didnt know that they will forget about it, like what about maleficient? she remembered everything.
  9. but time travelling is so confusing as hell, like does xehanort know about sora after the events of BBS or does he already knew about everything since the scala era, untill the event of KH3 at the keyblade graveyard?? like there is no starting point, like everything is a cycle. like if young xehanort already went through all the events during DDD untill KH3, that means his older version already forseen everything thats gonna happen, well only up to that moment where we defeated his younger version at the keyblade graveyard.
  10. i mean young xehanort from scala era yeah but his attitude after he became a keyblade master…he was kind of a douche
  11. and thats why sora will be his another pawn while MOM just, gaze the whole plot but personally, i like young xehanort more than sora tbh. He’s more charismatic and interesting character as a whole, well except when he starts getting old, that xehanort is piece of sh*t.
  12. ok this got me thinking something….i wonder if MOM gave xehanort the black robe was a first step in making him a dark seeker to let him initiate a keyblade war so they could summon back the ancient keyblade masters that trapped the true darknesses, and also a way to strengthen sora plus him obtaining the X-blade then MOM will somehow guide sora to defeat the lost masters, and ultimately destroy the true darknesses aaaaand, maybe luxu will guide the other foretellers into quadratum, so that sora could destroy them more effectively; something like how in quadratum, the darknesses could not revive or something
  13. but i really see it his turning point was the world tour. making him think he should rule the worlds. just like he said to MoM. i wonder it was actually MoM that set his path into that. because it was him that given YX safe access through the dark dimensions with the black coat. MoM is really sus here. look what he even did to his apprentices 😢
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