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  1. No clue. I got the blank template off of TikTok and yeah I'll try to find a watermarkless one so you can see what the one thing says
  2. Yes it is 😪 also I had a hard time picking the best soundtrack
  3. I also don't really hate Genshin. I don't hate any games I don't think but that was what I came up with 🤷
  4. Wrong firetrucking chabnelll
  5. WHAT HOW DIDNT I KNOW THIS What si the lore *si *os *is fourth times a charm
  6. https://www.tumblr.com/24draws/709256248819843072?source=share Hehwhaiowpwo Um I'm super normal about them
  7. Wait that hasn't been confirmed yet? Furrick
  8. WASSUP BROSKIS My tooth just fell out while flossing HELP
  9. I didn't read anything else but wthat'
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