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  1. He did say he plans on rejoining, he just needs a break
  2. I mean he's asking everyone to leave him alone so I don't wanna push it
  3. I talked with him and it's about something more recent but I'm not sure if he'd be okay with me sharing
  4. That actually makes me sad 😭 https://tenor.com/view/roxas-cry-cries-sad-gif-18172731 https://tenor.com/view/roxas-cry-cries-sad-gif-18172731
  5. December 3rd and I still got no sweater 🤗😢
  6. https://open.spotify.com/track/4xqrdfXkTW4T0RauPLv3WA?si=33BE6kyWSBelY00Kl_qnBA&utm_source=copy-link
  7. That moment when you don't wanna write a 5 sentence paragraph about secrets but then go and write an essay about how a song's lyrics fit a video game character
  8. What genre did you say would be Naminé's favorite again? Also I respectfully disagree on Kairi disliking metal
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