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  1. Which is why I spun it multiple times so that it wouldn't make proships dawg Also I'm deadass into some of these ships
  2. Aeleus/Demyx Xigbar|Luxu/Invi Repliku/Sora Axel|Lea/Terra Xemnas/Isa Even/Lauriam Gula/Roxas Ira/Aced Strelitzia/Ava Aqua/Elrena Dilan/DiZ Hayner/Pence Eraqus/Xehanort Vanitas/Naminé Ventus/Riku Xion/Kairi/Olette Ephemer/Skuld Ienzo/Luxord Accorosjg to the spinning wheel, thèse are the ships I'm including in my fic
  3. Probably She does say memories are never truly lost so she can just "reawaken" them
  4. I feel like she's very interesting, like both power and character wise
  5. She's literally my favorite character in the entire series hhh Quite relatable too To an extent
  6. Does anyone wanna talk to me about Naminé??????
  7. "According to the KHSeries Ultimania Alpha, Naminé had initially gained resolve and was going to break Axel's heart, like she did with Replica Riku, when he said "you have my sympathies from the heart" but she gave up when he crushed her resolve by saying "we nobodies can never hope to be somebodies"." (KH Wiki) HELLO? WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT THIS? I havnet talked here in forever BUT this is so interesting to em
  8. You better hire DylanIsInTrouble 😡 /hj
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