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  1. You're not the only hater Ansem The Wise is my least favorite character of the series
  2. Which one? The only Ansem I hate is the Wise Man who I referred to as DiZ The villain from KH1 is like my favorite of the norts and my second favorite villain of the series (under Vanitas)
  3. I'm a KH1 Simp And KH1 is my favorite of the series
  4. Nice Another Sora, but KH1. lovely Still disappointed that we never got a Funko Roxas, Xion, Ventus or Terra But I'm definitely getting that Sora
  5. The original? Cause the remake is what I was mentioning And as for Mulan...yikes I don't mind it being different from Disney's, but god lee! The effects are horrendous when I saw the trailers Also, I'm not asking for a Live Action Shan Yu (since, well...he is a boring Disney Villain imo), but the villain in the remake just looks bad
  6. As for Jungle Book, I don't like the look of the film from trailers, and I could care less
  7. I skipped Dumbo, because I refuse to go through the same depressing moment when I watched the original film
  8. I did watch it I was talking about the Live Action remakes of those films I did watch the blu ray version, it looks nice
  9. I still have not seen Pinocchio yet, nor did I watch Mulan, Jungle Book or Dumbo
  10. The absolute bottom of the barrel of all Disney Remakes At least in my opinion
  11. The entirety of 2019's The Lion King
  12. And let's not forget Saying it's a fact
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