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  1. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    I forgot about Julius and the Dustflier
  2. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    Won't reveal who it is until the the Final Mix version gets it's release on AO3 (and Fanfiction)
  3. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    So going back to Wrath of Nobodies project, I want to mention the secret bosses I know Days is never a part of this, but it's rewritten version seems to make one. Having King Mickey in his Org outfit be the secret super boss that Roxas faces in Twilight Town So there's that (despite it doesn't count for the official way) But going through history, we must address all the Super Bosses in each game. KH1 has Sephiroth and Hooded Xemnas KH2 has The Lingering Will (aka Armored Thoughts and Mind of Terra) BBS has Young Xehanort KH3 has Dark Inferno (the first one, not the one in Re:Mind) and Yozora What does Wrath of Nobodies have? Now that I'm doing the Final Mix version of my KH Fanfic Project
  4. Play arts Roxas actually exists with the Org outfit I'm more in love with Bring Arts more often because of scaling If I were to get any Play Arts figures for either Roxas or Axel, I would customize them to be any other Org members; like Ansem, Xemnas, Saïx, Young Xehanort, Vanitas, Marluxia, Demyx, Xigbar, or Luxord. If there exists a Play Arts Xion (since the Bring arts is a thing as of now), I'd make that to Larxene
  5. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    I did Wrath of Nobodies and have Roxas (and Xion) go to the events of Revenge of the Sith, and it's just done super well
  6. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    So going back into Wrath of Nobodies Fanfic. I thought about rereleasing it on AO3 and YouTube...but as a Final Mix rendition Meaning there are things I do have in mind that I wanted to bring up, but picture it as if it's a Final Mix version of the story Lots of things are going to change and added to the story Here's a list that will be the additions to the story: - More scenes involving with the Organization and Jafar - Zexion being removed from Twilight Town, yet Marluxia will make his debut still there with a different script - There will be a struggle tournament battle before an Org invades with Nobodies - A new Disney World will be added (I chose Rescue Aid Society from The Rescuers, and Zexion will be the in the world that he'll invade, yet his role will remain the same as how it was previously) - After being the story, there will be additional battles such as the Data Organization (now with 15 battles, plus the Armor Sea Salt and Snake Jafar) - A Secret Super Boss (I won't say who it is)
  7. Turning Sora into a Kaiju…huh… That’s an interesting one Maybe having Godzilla and Mothra be his party members and Ghidorah commands the Heartless to invade Tokyo, San Francisco or Boston and later become a boss
  8. That makes sense Speaking of which, that is the world I’ve been dying for it to be adapted for KH. Have Sora go to Midgar (buy alone, no need for Donald or Goofy or even Riku to go with him)
  9. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    Fun fact; I want to include them (alongside M.D.G.). But couldn’t because there isn’t enough room
  10. I mean Canon wise I go by Nomura’s logic stand point
  11. I’d kill to see the return of Cloud and Sephiroth for KH4. I know for a fact they never showed up in KH3 and are still alive. They could be somewhere in a world where we don’t know where they could be. But I’d like to think that Cloud is at the Quadratum as well, so that he and Sora can team up again
  12. Ugh! Michael Rodent (the name I gave him in all sources of Disney Media that isn't KH) Or Michael Mouse
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