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  1. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    My first Rokushi Artwork
  2. https://comicbookmovie.com/batman/batman-animated/original-harley-quinn-actress-arleen-sorkin-dies-at-67-a205283#gs.4x5y05
  3. I never found Terra to be dumb since I first played BBS. I always like to think he’s pretty Naïve
  4. Happy birthday Alyson Stoner, Xion's voice actress
  5. Albert98

    Fan Art Chat

    KH3 Render files updated by me
  6. Here are my ideas for the first 3 seasons (KH1, CoM, Days and KH2): - Kairi getting kidnapped only once - Room for only one character to keep the name, "Ansem" and the other gets a new name - Ansem: Seeker of Darkness keeps the name "Ansem" - Ansem The Wise's name will change to Count Sharuman The Wise (not the best name to come up with, but it's just for a good reference and is better than just him being Ansem) - Riku will receive his Way to the Dawn after defeating Ansem one last time - Naminé won't return to Kairi - Riku won't be blindfolded and will not turn into resembling Ansem, but rather his dark form - Xion not being forgotten from existence - Roxas wields Oblivion and Xion wields Oathkeeper - The stronger bond between Roxas and Xion (one point they start to fall in love) - Chain of Memories being only 6 Episodes (meaning getting rid of the Disney Worlds) - Atlantica being in Season 1 only (and only in KH1) - Same thing with Hundred Acre Wood - Sora still remembering his battles in Castle Oblivion after waking up from the Egg pod - Zexion and Lexaeus need much better portrayal - Some scenes from the KH2/Days Manga to make brief appearances - Xemnas getting a nickname title (Seeker of Nothingness) for just maybe one scene - Better portrayal for the Final Fantasy Characters (especially for Cloud and Sephiroth) - Mickey not being present seeing Terra-Xehanort in a flashback - Riku vs. Xigbar in Land of Dragons - Naminé assisting Riku to insure him about the darkness - The scene between Xigbar vs. Xion: Xion takes the appearance of Strelitzia instead of Ventus - Xion being a Kairi instead of just being a Sora Replica - Xion's origins in the same way Roxas and Naminé were created - More scenes of Riku and Maleficent in Season 1 - Roxas and Xion being tasked to do villains stuff like fighting the good guys instead of a bunch of Heartless - Xion taking the appearance of Kairi instead of Sora, while Roxas sees his reflection of him being Sora - Roxas lost his memories of what he remembers in the KH2 Events - After fighting Axel the second time, he remembers everything again, including Xion and grows so much grief after losing her There's a lot of changes I have in mind, but it'll take a long time to even justify
  7. I will say, his Design is cool and all, but still Guess I'm doing one for myself with massive changes Infact I got multiple changes in mind for my rewritten KH Disney+ Series
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