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  1. While I won't be disingenuous by claiming that PC gamers as a whole think that way, I've encountered more than my fair share who do.* These people scoff and turn their noses up at the very *idea of someone playing something on console (eg Dark Souls, Overwatch). They also tend to scream and complain when the latest big game isn't immediately available on PC, or if it never comes to PC to begin with (Bloodborne and Bayonetta immediately come to mind here). I get where Snake is coming from. Like I said, I won't cast a wide net of aspersions upon an entire group of gamers, because that simply isn't fair. But there have been more than enough encounters for me personally with PC players to make me wary of interacting with them.
  2. Watch them throw a curveball and it's someone we'd have never thought of.
  3. We still don't know who she is, after all.
  4. I think we'll see them again in time.
  5. If true, that'll be a bummer, but the numbered games are Sora-centric, so it's not unexpected. That being said, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to cameos from the Wayfinder Trio. That's my crew right there.
  6. Nomura said that the other KH characters likely wouldn't get as much time in the spotlight in 4.
  7. Luxord is playing his own game while Luxu plays his.
  8. Yeah, no, I'm thinking Luxord's more likely for 4. Either in Quadratum, or his Somebody will play some part in looking for Sora.
  9. I wanna see Luxord make good on that wild card he gave Sora.
  10. As for the main antagonist... Maybe someone else entirely.
  11. I know they're gonna show us MoM doing things here and there, because he's not in the shadows waiting for a slow reveal like Xehanort was.
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