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  1. I thought Verum Rex was on the table after KH4?
  2. I’m just gonna say 2024. If Nvidia was privy to some kind of internal schedule and the original date was late 2023, then it has most certainly been delayed since then.
  3. I heavily doubt Nvidia was given that information by Square. It’s likely a placeholder, like any other from that leak.
  4. Giving it the Last of Us treatment I suppose. This one gonna cost $70 for something we already played too?
  5. Never an “unofficial” one either. It’s all literally been speculation by the fanbase
  6. We never had a window to begin with
  7. I’m withholding judgement until the transition to UE5 is complete and we get some proper in-game stuff
  8. How tf did Disney get the rights to Dragon Ball
  9. Nintendo getting with the times? https://tenor.com/view/seriously-laugh-laughing-you-serious-jk-simmons-gif-6107729
  10. Aqua listens to ambient rain noise to sleep at night
  11. Orrrr, you could hang out in the server and get to know everybody like the rest of us
  12. Carry had a pro gamer moment
  13. Guess you’ll just have to go outside if you want to touch grass
  14. Respectful, are you one of those people who got mad when Insomniac removed a puddle from Spider-Man that was in a trailer.
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