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  1. Whoops, I meant no AI art like Midjourney.
  2. I mean, how would you turn those prompts into visual works like how the Soulsborne community created great works of art and stories for the art competitions set up by VaatiVidya. For example, if I was trying to create an entry for an original Kingdom Hearts world, I would want to create a modern empire setting. It would be fantasy-like as a contrast to Quadratum's themes of reality. Two key characters would be the Empress and her loyal guardian - a former Keyblade master. How would you envision a Kingdom Hearts world, a scenario, a boss, or an entire game with visual and/or written work? No AI, though. Never played Starcraft, so I have no idea how that would work.
  3. This might sound strange, but I have been watching VaatiVidya's art competition videos on YouTube. I would like to see some sort of fan event like that happen for Kingdom Hearts. Just come up with a few scenarios and let us fans be creative with our imagination and art skills. Like here a few scenario prompt ideas: - A Kairi solo game, - A Kingdom Hearts game with a story like Final Fantasy Tactics, - Making an original Kingdom Hearts world, - A Kingdom Hearts story about someone who does NOT use the Keyblade. Can't really give out any prizes, though. I'm low on money.
  4. Thank you for the compliment. Would anyone want a game collaboration between Kingdom Hearts and Creative Business 3's story department? How would a Kingdom Hearts game written by the writers of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI look like to you guys?
  5. Setting Off - Kingdom Hearts III Data Greeting
  6. Correct area for my Kairi preview. Mermay Kairi.
  7. Preview from my sketchbook.
  8. Just was thinking about this: who do you think is the child of destiny? Is it going to sound weird if I say that it might be Yozora?
  9. Bleh. Hate JJJ when it comes to Spider-Man.
  10. DaZ? The old 3D modeler?
  11. Spider-Man 2's gameplay sequence was intense, especially with Peter's aggressive attitude.
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