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  1. I wouldn't mind if Mickey uses his Datascape to help with his findings. Heck, I thought this idea would do well as a spiritual sequel to Coded by letting Data Sora go beyond the Journals.
  2. Warner Bros are just being cruel for cruelty's sake now.
  3. Same. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is great.
  4. One scene from Tak 2 is basically us fans with the Masters of Masters' box.
  5. I'm sorry, but I want to ask if anyone has played the original Tak games?
  6. If that joke was the real case, it will be ironic for me. I'm saying this because I played Tak 2 where Tak made that very guess. The Juju with the box told him no. Now that I mentioned it, what if Kingdom Hearts' box had a person stuffed inside?
  7. I only had PBS and PBS Kids stuff during my school day, so I don't know that show. "Days"
  8. Blocked that guy for that toxic echo chamber bull. @ElectriCole Sorry you had to deal with that. From both of us.
  9. SEGA and Sonic Team are flawed. But at least Sonic Team is trying to make the effort since Frontiers and SEGA is giving them better resources after Frontiers' success. I am finally done with the parasitic argument.
  10. So done with this argument and that behavior.
  11. Any other Sonic fans on here want to contribute?
  12. https://www.gamesradar.com/fans-rejoice-as-sega-confirms-sonic-frontiers-follow-up-will-have-a-bigger-budget/
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