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  1. that is interesting i sure wonder when it will release. and when we will see new trailers and such i also wonder how kh4 will handle side content. like, what will you be able to do after you beat the final boss
  2. yeah. i have a feeling kh4 might be late 2024 or early 2025
  3. So i just finished this weeks star wars episodes.
  4. xemnas was like "we are running out of coffee. we can't work without it. go."
  5. yeah. i hope it is a PS5 exclusive, cause it would be great with a next gen experience, though at the same time, if it doesn't come to pc for a long time, some people might not be able to play it because of money and all that kinda unrelated, but with all the cool things the modding community is doing with KH3, i wonder how that will look for KH4
  6. hmm... i would not be surprised if KH4 ends up being PS5 exclusive. i hope it is, as long as it is available on pc at launch
  7. i wonder how this will impact the Activision/Blizzard purchase. seeing as Sony and a few law enforcers (if i recall correctly) want to block the purchase no, only 1gb, seeing as it will be a cloud version
  8. Yes. I recommend those games as well. They are fantastic
  9. I am a bit late, but my favorite character is probably roxas, followed by terra. Though when it comes to favorite characters that changes all the time. My favorite games is birth by sleep.
  10. "so i was saying, this here realm of darkness is only available to those who follow me on instagram and tiktok." https://tenor.com/view/oh-no-oh-no-anyway-gif-18887547 this is him
  11. "so... you see what just happened to me? that is what happens to those who don't subscribe, so remember to do so guys, and also tell your friends because you will save their life. before we continue with this super epic content guys, i just want to give you a word from our sponsor today, Raid Shadow Legends."
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