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  1. Me: Let go off me you cursed vampires, I got punished because of you

    Momoko: *flies and sings darkness and lightness songs*

    Yoko: *sings dark and light songs*

  2. Rosella Macapinlac: I am not an evil spirit, let go of me you vampires, you just want my life so miserable as hell in reality. 

  3. Let go of me bastard! Having a boring grandma.

  4. Me: That Bastard Reshma was so lucky! Even she is a awesome.

  5. I wish no more going out! Please... I am gonna hate this game again if I am going out, no more!

  6. Me: Insolent fool! Insolent child!!! I am gonna rip other people’s faces! 

  7. My OCS will protect me, why I went outing always why???? Yeah, example I went to the Glorietta always? Why did some girl call me Ugly in Filipino word? 

  8. What? I do not like going out. Stupid stinking bullies. I kept going out and always went to the gigantic Glorietta.  


  9. While I am so exhausted and yelled by mother but I was dated by the rubbish man in college.

  10. Their laziness… They are my consequences for the discount cards. I am no lazy, I always felt exhaustions. 

    what is wrong with my life! It’s very tough and rough as hell! >:( 

    Gee… It’s a Survival to the fittest times the territorial selfishness times the Not a No Pain and No Gain it’s also Gain Pain No Gain. >:( 


  11. My mom is trying to kill me. My new pet is trying to kil me. 

    that numbskull houseboy! I think he wants me to go near to hook me up with secret sensual something on me, I guess. I will kill him and made him silent forever.

  12. My mom is trying to kill me.

  13. I will stop you Kaneto, Vlad, and Ryuhi! You did the ships that I didn’t liked most for insulting me and giving me bad days.

  14. Urgh… Where is my virginity. Racist Vlad! Rapist Kaneto! Prepare to get exorcise you for my virginity, this is for my virginity and my lost friends. I will never let your sexual fantasy destroy me again, I won’t reunite with likes of you because the houseboy and its granddaughter were horrible as you.


  15. Shirase mizugami, Kasumi Todoh, and Yuuka are already gone, the only left was Leon Belmont. 

  16. The Belmondo brothers are taking Urban Emperors. No! 


    Urbanization: Let us go! Let us go!

  17. Rosella: My mother’s toxic attitude and my grandmother’s toxic attitude haunted me… The embarrassing memories are haunting me that is why those insolent thots kept throwing trash words on my presence. 

  18. I felt a heavy feelings….

  19. ????: Zexion Ienzo, look how ugly you are... Aiko Iemon/Kagegenso is dead because of your existence, beautiful Aiko is mine and his legacy is mine too.


    Rosella: *Unconcious*

    1. RosellaBMacapinlac


      Vlad: Aiko Kagegenso is dead, killed himself... Your existence had puked him. He made him disappear. 

      Rosella: .... Kaneto slaughtered Aiko with psychological torture... Like he failed to protect Ienzo’s father. Kaneto psychologically torture Aiko.... Aiko... Ienzo did made these hallucinations... Vlad controlled Aiko’s sanity and kaneto put nightmarish sexual hallucinations about Ienzo’s existence...  Aiko... Aiko... Let's stop Vlad and the hentai breeding KANETO

  20. Me: Master of Masters and Kingdom Hearts... Don’t hate me... I didn't realized myself before that I am used like a damsel of distress then I became their sacrifice then I got possessed. I started hated their game because my uncle was a drug addict then that's why I am out of mind since 2014.

  21. Magic Ball told me that Leon Belmont Castlevania was possessed and haunted.

  22. I saw Dracula in my dream last night.

  23. After six years of coma, I will gonna regret of having a child.

  24. Me: Oh why pervert? Urban Emperors are no clones. Do not touch my KH OCS away from them, especially you Snow.


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