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  1. They have a 1000 people knew Momoshi already. 😿

  2. Axeidra rather than Dragon? 

  3. The darkest saddest truth about their deaths and birth. Their birth and their uncles and aunt’s deaths have connections. Before their birth, the pact partners of the uncles had demanded that they should give abortions and kill the unborn babies but the Urban Emperors refused. They refused killing their new nephews and niece. After those black hoods’ biological birth then the older generations died as a punishment, Sound like not paying the price because killing the new niece and nephews and the in laws are like exchange prices, heavy prices for making Urbans staying alive and spared including their adopted children will be spared and forgiven. So the Urban refused to pay the price and accepted painful death instead.

  4. this is the real Aquamarine. 


    I hate the farting Miharasan and Kaneto. I hate those multi shippers, who insults my favorite ships.


  5. I wish that I would remove my possessors.

    Oriana, Robson, Yannik, Yohan, and Romy, those made Rosella’s nieces and nephews. 

    Castlevania made Rosella’s life so miserable for entire youth days, like turning her into a mad headed or broken-headed violent imbecile magnet. That gets stronger that Shirase dormanted within her and negativity became stronger. That makes Rosella moody, that results her becoming hot-headed to her siblings until her siblings are fed up with her like her siblings bullying her, belittling her, and even yelling at her. Her siblings are no longer in light anymore. 

    The reason why the relationships between Auntie and Nieces/nephews never became enlightened by light and positivity is because of those hells that happened.


  6. I have a weird dream about Larxene, it sick.

  7. My charms... My gorgeous body, my early talents, my model height. My beauty is the exchange prices for him. You ruined my childhood! You have to die! You nasty misogynist sadist pervert from hell!  



    You suicidal maniac! You perverted xenophile pedophile cupid from hell! You vampire! You over self-entitled so spoiled brat art blocker! You Hayato wanted me to commit suicide! Kairi the xenophile wanted me pregnant that was so rubbish! Same with a wretched vampire! The idiot wanted to hook up with me but also he said I am his chum! How dare these haunters invaded my minds and the firetrucking dominant ghost motherfiretrucker dormant inside of me! I will destroy you invading selfish fools and manipulating deceivers, who used me as a sacrifice, disabled my fightback skills, made me super miserable in real life, and made me pay a heavy price! 🗡️🪵🔪😡🧿🪙


    Losing a lots of friends are one of the heavy price I paid to you! Especially Kairi Mizugami, vlad tepes underestimated and thwarted my self-defense. I will kill those not my pact partners but possessors to avenge my virginity. 🗡️🪵🔪🪙🔫🧿🪬

    How dare they use me as their flesh.😡💢 And turned me into a complete idiot. I paid a price for them are love my family, patience, good life, lucky life, protections, safety life, and good fortunesin exchange for playing their games. 🫠


    These mean jerks 😡💢









  9. Yay! My huawei had returned! ^^ The keyboard is is truly useful after all. :D





  10. World videos, 1 month ago, what you do?

  11. Such an annoying videos from YouTube. 

  12. They are not actually seeking for the characters, or toys, or dolls. They are seeking to the living human bodies. That's Shirase’s possessors. 

  13. I knew, I have an idea. I should create a replicas of Shirase and the others, I hope they are not possessed by my possessors.

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