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  1. I wish I am not a numbskull fool.

  2. Rosella B. Macapinlac: Damn you! You f*cking whores… You pissing me off always. I a, tired tolerating your annoyances since 2014 after I have fcking Shane Balissima the grand daughter of rapist Onioc. Do you think I am happy go lucky and freeloader?! What about cleaning cat’s poo and pee on everyday? GETTING SCOLDED EVERYDAY by Grandma Steroid Efigenia! Working so hard and carrying heavy things. You always annoyed me, you insolent fools and that’s why that houseboy pedophile had came to me and wanted to bang with me, it was so rubbish.

  3. Rosella B. Macapinlac: 2014 and old fandom ships are always going presence. Momoshi, Sic em boy.


    Momoshi: *feet slam on the ground and caused massive vibration like quake.

    Golem Quaker: Uum huh? 


  4. Rosella B. Macapinlac: When I roleplay as Yon Kun or Lazlo, I am always being belittled by that Snowe thing, I saw torture on Yon Kun being tied up in both legs and both hands but Yon didn't gain strength. I kept suffering from the art block.

  5. Rosella B. Macapinlac: It's TOO LATE HAYATO GOU, you made the ships to make always Ryuhi to Yuuka. It's you made the huge mess since 2020 you suicidial maniac. I WILL KILL YOU NOW SAME WITH KAIRI MIZUGAMI BANGING WITH BLAIR DAME WHO LEFT SHIRASE. Why Shirase will go to Darun even though she didn't love him?  Nah, those men like my grandma’s lackey is over self entitled rapist chasing me and talking to me with a very lustful tone but no reward, eh disgusting Damn Draculavania and Dumbzilla. No pain and No gain right? Ichirou Miharasan doing a huge pain on me but no gain on me. 



  6. Rosella B. Macapinlac: My damn brother Chito Macapinlac always loved that damn haunted street fighter ex plus alpha ps1 game since he was a jerk kid! If he liked me to be so tall and look his precious evil game done to me! It made me short and fat. That means it was my brother’s gigantic fault. He pulled my shirt so strong, ruin my childhood, and he teach bambam salaya to surpass me.

  7. Rosella B. Macapinlac: Yesterday have a bunch of Insolent Whores! How dare them they are in my presence? 

  8. Rosella B. Macapinlac: Why that tall man was in my presence yesterday? He said “Oh small” 

  9. Rosella B. Macapinlac: Oh, they made those ships I didn't like that I will LEAVE the kingdom hearts.  Damn Kaneto Shiozawa! He transferred my height to my classmates and my bullies, damn him and damn Draculavania!

  10. Oh, they made those ships I didn't like that I will LEAVE the kingdom hearts.

  11. It's horrible, I wish Shane Balissima MUST DIE. I want to make her and her curses on me will be silent forever. 

    1. RosellaBMacapinlac


      I will kill her and her grandfather.

  12. Me: Kingdom Hearts those are the prices for leaving them for you? What should you do? I think they still need me? 

  13. ????: Urban Emperors are cowards, gullible, and stupid

  14. Me: My new pet please don’t hate any games, okay? 

  15. ????: Pathetic Urbanization is also running like a coward, they have no guts to kill and abort their new grand nephews. 


    Me:.... RUN URBANIZATIONS... You are in danger because you are OCs. 






    ....Urban Emperors: *runs away and far away*



  17. ????: The foolish woman didn't recognize these monsters are also sucking her essence.



  18. I was being... Scolded... Yelled.... Then I do not why I was being criticized yesterday... While I carry a lot of heavy slippery groceries... Grandma! Grandma!  I am not devil... My cousin Dan and my brother Chito teach my cousin bambam to beat me and surpass me


    Axedra: I don't know I think she was injured and stressed by the likes of Arika, Hazyflames, and Gambzilla again... 

    ????: How amusing... To see Rosella suffering in reality because she quit on us. She is a sacrifice and a damsel of distress always. The poor woman always be a weak character. She grew weaker and weaker until she won’t help you anymore, Nigerian child. After she quit Snow, snow misses her and Rose never came back. She is fit to be a lowly minion. That's why Sriram always be higher than her. 

  19. Lovely head band gave by my mom.


  20. You want me to be miserable brainless damsel of distress and a racist fool?  You want hookers and that’s why hookers kept bothering and being insolent to me, you want the houseboy will soulmate with me that’s why this makes wanted him to make him silent forever and I attempted abortion pills. You made me a shop lifter in Mercury drugs since 2008 summer. 
    This is the end Vlad! Prepare to get killed and excorcise by the Holy Spirit for turning me into a fool, sex tool, punching bag, and sexual objects but you took my talents for the exchange of my intellectual level? You made me lose a lot of friends. Of course I want to be smart, open minded, and talented NOT close minded fool. I want my new and old friends return to me.



    1. RosellaBMacapinlac


      Miharasan and Mizugami! Damn you dicks!

    2. RosellaBMacapinlac


      The fools love CAT FIGHTS.

  21. My grandma is so bitchy, because the cat have no discipline. 

    My grandma had turned into a demon bitch

  22. That is one heavy price that I paid to Kaneto, without Knowledging me that sfex the old FEXL game was haunted by Kairi Mizukami. I lost my healthy beautiful physical fitness. 

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