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  1. My charms... My gorgeous body, my early talents, my model height. My beauty is the exchange prices for him. You ruined my childhood! You have to die! You nasty misogynist sadist pervert from hell!  



    You suicidal maniac! You perverted xenophile pedophile cupid from hell! You vampire! You over self-entitled so spoiled brat art blocker! You Hayato wanted me to commit suicide! Kairi the xenophile wanted me pregnant that was so rubbish! Same with a wretched vampire! The idiot wanted to hook up with me but also he said I am his chum! How dare these haunters invaded my minds and the firetrucking dominant ghost motherfiretrucker dormant inside of me! I will destroy you invading selfish fools and manipulating deceivers, who used me as a sacrifice, disabled my fightback skills, made me super miserable in real life, and made me pay a heavy price! 🗡️🪵🔪😡🧿🪙


    Losing a lots of friends are one of the heavy price I paid to you! Especially Kairi Mizugami, vlad tepes underestimated and thwarted my self-defense. I will kill those not my pact partners but possessors to avenge my virginity. 🗡️🪵🔪🪙🔫🧿🪬

    How dare they use me as their flesh.😡💢 And turned me into a complete idiot. I paid a price for them are love my family, patience, good life, lucky life, protections, safety life, and good fortunesin exchange for playing their games. 🫠


    These mean jerks 😡💢









  3. Yay! My huawei had returned! ^^ The keyboard is is truly useful after all. :D





  4. World videos, 1 month ago, what you do?

  5. Such an annoying videos from YouTube. 

  6. They are not actually seeking for the characters, or toys, or dolls. They are seeking to the living human bodies. That's Shirase’s possessors. 

  7. I knew, I have an idea. I should create a replicas of Shirase and the others, I hope they are not possessed by my possessors.

  8. Rosella: *was being sexually tortured*

  9. Rosella B. Macapinlac: I lost my virginity because of those three, not my partners. They used the housebou for mating on me. *puts abortions pills inside my thwat* 

  10. I see carcass of Fenrise Raine and Phoenixa Aire to destroy fexl and hiryu no ken after for vengeance. Those two poor odd underrated old games will be condemn because of sexual hauntings.  We will make ultimate great clone of Fenrise Raine and Phoenixa Aire to avenge my admin’s virginity, mind, and innocence.  To avenge Rosella B. Macapinlac. My admin’s anger had passed through us. 

  11. The group chat who murdered my phone.


  12. If Organization xiii became real people?

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