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  1. Screenshot_20230202-181235.thumb.jpg.4655c50f142105168cffc076d4830d4b.jpg

    I asked about the Castlevania was cursed and brings misfortunes. Now I regret that why i have those games.

  2. I forgot to repair the camera of my Samsung. Having memory failure SUCKS。

  3. Those none KH, who was close to Shirase and Leon B, kept following me. *cries* 

  4. Me: It's alright the birds and animals will be increased populations but houseboy the sex puppet of Arika’s ghost friend must evaporate and silent forever. That ghost turned that house boy into a impregnating and savage horny hideous piece of shit and wants to flirt and marry me for my money. That goon have no talents and no skills and wants me to work for him like he wants me to take care of him and babysit him like he is my baby. I am not wearing make up, I will wash my face in the public. 

  5. Okay, haters...  Its Reshma the backstabber and a self obsessive lying awesome mental ill xenophile racist nerd.  

  6. Vampire Momoko: Strelitzia's and Lauriam's existence are the burning and burdening reminders of my adopted child's broken relationships with her real bethroed. I think my family are all gone forever, i am the only left alive and survive. 

  7. Millenial1992:  Shares his castlevania power on Momoko

    Momoko: *became anxious* Is Florencia's children are also the offspring of the negro?

  8. Millenial1992:  Shares his castlevania power on Momoko

    Momoko: *became anxious* Is Florencia's children are also the offspring of the negro?

  9. Ouch! Someone pinching me behind.

    It flashes in my sight that i saw a walking figure then I saw an asian man with blood on his head, screams like he jumpscares on me

  10. The smoke is still in our house.

  11. When I burned the street fighter ex and Castlevania Lament of Innocence fan arts.  felt the heaviness on my back and the smoke spreaded in our entire house. The smell of the smoke is strong. My aunt came quickly then I failed, it did not burn completely. Then I got a bad luck, good thing I was spared but I sensef the presence of wicked laughing.

  12. I drew this Yoko Rai committed self killed because I think I didn’t like Larxel pairing ships and I didn’t cheered up from Larxene Rule 34. 


  13. The world is cruel, a lot of cruel people threw a lot of insolent shits on me. Shit!


  14. Me: Hey! Thats mine, you suiciadial ghost. 


  15. Xehanort... Lauriam Marluxia... Xaldin Dilan.... What are these none Kingdom hearts memories, they are stirring inside of me and it wanted to attack.

  16. Yuki: *get some over heated heart shape then he burn it on his neck to get rid off scar bite marks*

  17. I kept deleting my drawing photos because I realized Kingdom Hearts fans started throwing foul words and disrespectful shit, teasing me by their shitty words for pissing me off, their insolence got my nerves while I am walking very long with my family, on the long walk from Glorietta.  We should eat in that Muragami but the damn problem was the air conditioner is broken. Then we walked to the damn long walk that had made me stinky. Because I got a lot of sweat when I carry the heavy and slippery huge metal machine wheelchair. 

    My name is Rosella, I need to take down that deceiving Dracula and annoying supremacist vampires and the the perverted misogynist ghost’s favorite muscle head puppets whatever.

  18. They think that I am stupid because I do not know how to fight back. 

  19. Sara Trantoul made my pet and my mommy, demonic again. 

  20. I am being scolded by my grandma while imaging Sara trantoul in my mind. -_-

  21. Yes I do hate backstabbers but some people calling me foul words as always that always get my nerves. 

  22. In reality, it tries to kill me but why? I almost fall from the bed after I some up. I am not with Shirase or Fenrir Fenris. What is this damn bad luck anyway?

    In reality, people get on my nerves always after Shane Slum left. My eldest sister had turned into a demon she always gets on my nerves.

  23. They are both Tetsuya Nomura fans but they fought each other. Damn Castlevania influences on Final Fantasy! Castlevania have original name which is very evil plus possessed by the late Prince Impaler.


  24. Tetsuya Nomura, I am sorry... I deleted a lot of fan arts I had did. 

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