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  1. But you can clearly see that riku and joshua can both hear each other even though riku is a projection while joshua is in his normal form. An example would be when riku says "it can't be that simple" and joshua replies with "why can't it". A simple explanation would be joshua alters reality because he's god, but that's still an annoying conclusion
  2. Is their any reason these projections can sometimes be heard talking while other times they cannot? Beat for example is shown as a projection who is shouting in silence while riku can clearly be heard as a projection
  3. During the traverse town part of the game, I noticed that the projections of the other characters don't have voices or make any noise during one scene, while in another scene, we can clearly see that Joshua and riku are both projections that are both able to make noise verbally. Their is even a scene where joshua grows wings and i think goes from looking normal to being a projection. Are there any rules about these projections that I'm unaware about?
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