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  1. Imagine if we get dark xenanort and dark xemnas just like soras transformation in kingdom hearts 4 that would be dope asf.
  2. 280 spider-people with different suits Let's go SONY!!!!! And I like point finger meme in the trailer too that made me laugh 馃槀
  3. Would love to see a little blood in kingdom hearts 4 Whenever any character in kingdom hearts 4 gets beaten up I absolutely love dark soras transformation
  4. Do you guys think kingdom hearts 4 will be a teen rated game
  5. When I was playing persona 5 royal I got 62 trophies that I've received. And persona 5 strikers I got 58 trophies
  6. Okay Is it okay I can posted gaming videos on this server
  7. Days gone 2 is in development with CD PROJECT RED!!!!!!!
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